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Top Ten Bands/Songs/Albums.

Awake and Unafraid
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August 3rd, 2006 at 07:48pm
No order.
Emily Haines and The Soft Skeleton
The Strokes
City & Colour
The Stills
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Death From Above 1979
The White Stripes

1. Doctor Blind- Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton.
2. Juicebox- The Strokes
3. The Whole World- Outkast
4. Lola Stars and Stripes- The Stills
5. Get Fighted- Alexisonfire
6. Hardwire- Metric
7. Going, Going, Gone- Stars
8. 7/4 Shoreline- Broken Social Scene
9. Tears and Rain- James Blunt
10. Dark Blue- Jack's Mannequin

Albums (No order.)
I can't do this. srlsy. To many good ones.
Thnks fr th vnm
Demolition Lover
Thnks fr th vnm
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August 3rd, 2006 at 08:17pm
10.Our Lady Peace.
9.Jets Overhead.
8.Green Day
7.The Neverending White Lights.
4.Blink 182
3.Billy Talent
2.My Chemical Romance
1.Social Code

10. Don't Cry-Guns N' Roses.
9.Nothing Else Matters-Metallica
8.Knocking On Heavens Door-Guns N' Roses. (Ties with Bob Dylan Version)
7.All The Small Things-Blink 182
6.Good Riddence-Green Day
5.The Leaving Song Part II-AFI
4.Clumsy-Our Lady Peace
3.Heart-Shaped Box-Nirvana
2.Cemetery Drive-My Chemical Romance.
1.Perfect Grave-Social Code

10.Dookie-Green Day
9.Metallica(The Black Album)-Metallica
8.Take Off Your Pants And Jacket-Blink 182
7.Billy Talent II-Billy Talent.
6.Enema Of The State-Blink 182
5.Billy Talent-Billy Talent.
4.Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge-My Chemical Romance
3.Life On The Murder Scene-My Chemical Romance.
2.I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love-My Chemical Romance.
1. A Year At The Movies-Social Code
Awake and Unafraid
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August 3rd, 2006 at 08:20pm
I copied these from my Rhapsody playlist. MCR is still my fave ;D

The Veronicas
Avenged Sevenfold
The Academy Is. . .
Britney Spears
Pussycat Dolls
My Chemical Romance
The Used

1. 4ever The Veronicas
2. Seize The Day (Album Version) Avenged Sevenfold
3. Attention The Academy Is
4. Do Somethin' Britney Spears
5. Everything I'm Not The Veronicas
6. Who Knew (Main Version) P!nk
7. Buttons The Pussycat Dolls
8. Kill Caustic A.F.I.
9. Slow Down The Academy Is
10. I Won't See You Tonight Part 1 Avenged Sevenfold

1. The Secret Life Of...
The Veronicas
2. Almost Here
The Academy Is
3. City Of Evil
Avenged Sevenfold
4. Decemberunderground
5. Greatest Hits: My Prerogative
Britney Spears
6. I'm Not Dead
7. PCD
Pussycat Dolls
8. Waking The Fallen
Avenged Sevenfold
9. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
My Chemical Romance
10. The Used
The Used
Demolition Lover
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August 3rd, 2006 at 08:27pm
10- Thursday
9- Armor For Sleep
8- Panic! At The Disco
7- Jack's Mannequin
6- The Blood Brothers
5- Chiodos
4- Silverstein
3- Greeley Estates
2- Brand New
1- Taking Back Sunday

10- Set Phasers To Stun - Taking Back Sunday
9- The No Seatbelt Song - Brand New
8- Dark Blue - Jack's Mannequin
7- Build God, Then We'll Talk - Panic! At The Disco
6- Me Vs. Maradona. Vs. Elvis - Brand New
5- There's No 'I' In Team - Taking Back Sunday
4- Baby, You Wouldn't Last A Minute On The Creek - Chiodos
3- Crimes - The Blood Brothers
2- Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades - Brand New
1- ...Slowdance On The Inside - Taking Back Sunday

10- Vheissu - Thrice
9- Far From The Lies - Greeley Estates
8- Crimes - The Blood Brothers
7- Everything In Transit - Jack's Mannequin
6- Louder Now - Taking Back Sunday
5- Your Favourite Weapon - Brand New
4- Where You Want To Be - Taking Back Sunday
3- Discovering the Waterfront - Silverstein
2- Tell All Your Friends - Taking Back Sunday
1- Deja Entendu - Brand New
the original JULES
Demolition Lover
the original JULES
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August 4th, 2006 at 08:35am
Bands: (Note; very subject to change, quickly.)
10. The Music
9. The Juliana Theory
8. Coheed and Cambria
7. AudioVent
6. Bullet For My Valentine
5. Lacuna Coil
4. Trivium
3. AFI
2. Our Lady Peace
1. Avenged Sevenfold

Songs: (According to most played on my iPod.)
10. Bring Back the Sun - Our Lady Peace
9. Unholy Confessions - Avenged Sevenfold
8. Warmness on the Soul - Avenged Sevenfold
7. Will The Future Blame Us? - Our Lady Peace
6. Beast & The Harlot - Avenged Sevenfold
5. Bat Country - Avenged Sevenfold
4. Confined - As I Lay Dying
3. Seize the Day - Avenged Sevenfold
2. Pressure - Paramore
1. Angels/Losing/Sleep - Our Lady Peace

10. The Sickness - Disturbed
9. Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat - The Juliana Theory
8. Spiritual Machines - Our Lady Peace
7. Ascendancy - Trivium
6. Decemberunderground - AFI
5. Karmacode - Lacuna Coil
4. Healthy in Paranoid Times - Our Lady Peace
3. Gravity - Our Lady Peace
2. City of Evil - Avenged Sevenfold
1. Waking the Fallen - Avenged Sevenfold
Shotgun Sinner
Age: 57
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August 4th, 2006 at 03:18pm
10-cute is what we aim for
9-gym class heros
8-october fall
7- pencey prep
6- the used
5-my chemical romance
4-system of a down
3-panic!at the disco
2-the academy is

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,= anything by fall out boy
1: slow down by the academy is

10 three cheers for sweet revenge or papercut chronicles
9 heartbreak in a stereo
8 in love and death
7 i gave you my bullets you gave me your love or hypnotize
6 a fever you cant sweat out
5almost here
4evening out with your girlfriend
3 my heart will always be on the b-side of my tongue
2 from under the cork tree
1take this to your grave
Thinking Happy Thoughts
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August 4th, 2006 at 04:06pm
10. The Used
9. Stone Sour
8. Muderdolls
7. Slipknot
6. HIM
5. Atreyu
4. From First To Last
3. Avenged Sevenfold
2. Bullet For My Valentine

10.Scream - Slipknot
9. 30/30 - 150 - Stone Sour
8. 197666 - Muderdolls
7. World War Me - From First To Last
6. Her Voice Resides - Bullet For My Valentine
5. Goodbye We're Falling Fast - Aiden
4. World By Storm - Aiden
3. Knife Blood Nightmare - Aiden
2. Last Sunrise - Aiden
1. Die Ronantic - Aiden

10. Louder Now - Taking Back Sunday
9. Walking The Fallen - Avenged Sevenfold
8. Heroine - From First To Last
7. In Love And Death - The Used
6. Iowa - Slipknot
5. Beyond The Valley Of The Muderdolls - Muderdolls
4. City Of Evil - Avenged Sevenfold
3. The Poison - Bullet For My Valentine
2. Our Gangs Dark Oath - Aiden
1. Nightmare Anatomy - Aiden
dean moriarty.
dean moriarty.
Age: 22
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August 4th, 2006 at 10:08pm
(All of these subject to change within a year.)

10. The White Stripes / Paramore. It's a tie.
9. Motion City Soundtrack.
8. Cute is what we aim for.
7. PlayRadioPlay!.
6. Panic! at the disco.
5. Bright Eyes.
4. Gym Class Heroes.
3. The Academy is...
2. The Hush Sound.
1. Fall Out Boy. <3

10. Love will tear us apart - Joy Division.
9. Curse of Curves - Cute is what we aim for.
8. The Calender hung itself - Bright Eyes
7. So Sick - Patrick Stump. <3
6. Madi don't leave me - PlayRadioPlay!.
5. The Phrase that Pays - The Academy is...
4. Faces in the Hall - Gym Class Heroes.
3. Sweet Tangerine - The Hush Sound
2. It's not a side effect of the cocaine, I am guessing it must be love - Fall Out Boy
1. My heart is the worst kind of weapon - Fall Out Boy.

10. Fevers and Mirrors - Bright Eyes.
9. Gym Class Heroes - As cruel as school children
8. Gym Class Heroes - Papercut Chronicles
7. The Academy is... - Almost here.
6. The Hush Sound - So Sudden
5. The Hush Sound - Like Vines
4. Evening out with your girlfriend - Fall Out Boy
3. My Heart will always be the B-side to my tounge - Fall Out Boy
2. From under the cork tree - Fall Out Boy.
1. Take this to your grave - Fall Out Boy.

The Nightbeast.
Salute You in Your Grave
The Nightbeast.
Age: 27
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August 4th, 2006 at 10:21pm
1 Stay Together For The Kids-Blink 182
2 Hey There Delilah-Plain White T's
3 Giving Up-Silverstein
4 Let It Enfold You-Senses Fail
5 Bruised-Jack's Mannequin
6 Cavanaugh Park-Something Corporate
7 Always And Never-Silverstien
8 Hidden Track-From First To Last
9 Car Underwater-Armor For Sleep
10 New American Classic-Taking Back Sunday

1 Silverstein
2 Jack's Mannequin
3 Senses Fail
4 The Fully Down
5 Something Corporate
6 Hawthorne Heights
7 The Used
8 Taking Back Sunday
9 From First To Last
10 Armor For Sleep

1 When Broken Is Easily Fixed-Silverstein
2 Let It Enfold You-Senses Fail
3 Everyting In Transit-Jack's Mannequin
4 Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Body Count- From First To Last
5 A Fever You Cant Sweet Out-Panic! At The Disco
6 All The We Needed-Plain White T's
7 Leaving Through The Window-Something Corporate
8 North-Something Corporate
9 Greatest Hits-Blink 182
10 What To Do When Your Dead-Armor For Sleep
reinvent love.
Bulletproof Heart
reinvent love.
Age: 28
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August 5th, 2006 at 01:29am
10. Angels and Airwaves
9. The Fray
8. Cute Is What We Aim For
7. The Hush Sound
6. The Academy Is...
5. The Dresden Dolls
4. Goo Goo Dolls
3. AFI
2. The All-American Rejects
1. Panic! At the Disco

10. Time To Dance
9. Wake Me Up When September Ends
8. Drive Away
7. Sugar, We're Goin Down
6. Girl's Not Grey
5. Love Like Winter
4. Hey There Delilah
3. Magnolia
2. Camisado
1. Your Star

10. Hooray For Boobies
9. Almost Here
8. Yes, Virginia
7. The Same Old Bloodrush With A New Touch
6. Take This To Your Grave
5. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
4. Decemberunderground
3. The All-American Rejects
2. So Sudden
1. A Fever You Can't Sweat Out
oceanic 815.
Full of Ephedrine
oceanic 815.
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August 5th, 2006 at 07:45am
10.Blink 182.
9. Placebo.
8.Panic! At The Disco.
7.Robbie Williams.
6.My Chemical Romance.
5.Avenged Sevenfold.
3.Guns N' Roses.
1.Green Day.

10.Green Day-Geek Stink Breath.
9.Green Day-Paper Lanterns.
8.Green Day-Walking Contradiction.
7.Green Day-Nice Guys Finish Last.
6.Green Day-Jesus Of Suburbia.
5.Green Day-Blood, Sex & Booze.
4.Green Day-Minority.
3.Green Day-Letterbomb.
2.Green Day-Macy's Day Parade.
1.Green Day-Longview.

10.Guns N' Roses-Appetite For Destruction.
9.Eminem-Curtain Call.
8.Green Day-1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours.
7.Green Day-Kerplunk.
6.Green Day-Warning.
5.Green Day-Shenanigans.
4.Green Day-American Idiot.
3.Green Day-Nimrod.
2.Green Day-Dookie.
1.Green Day-Insomniac.
Insanity Prawn Boy
Fabulous Killjoy
Insanity Prawn Boy
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August 5th, 2006 at 08:11pm

10. Dead Kennedys
9. MC Lars
8. Ramones
7. The Used
6. The Clash
5. Anti-Flag
4. AFI
3. The Living End
2. My Chemical Romance
1. Sex Pistols


10. Download This Song - MC Lars
9. Extraordinary Girl - Green Day
8. 1977 - The Clash
7. War Sucks, Let's Party! - Anti-Flag
6. What's On Your Radio? - The Living End
5. No Feelings - Sex Pistols
4. Helena - My Chemical Romance
3. Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day
2. Our Lady of Sorrows - My Chemical Romance
1. Pretty Vacant - Sex Pistols

10. State of Emergency - The Living End
9. The Graduate - MC Lars
8. Sing The Sorrow - AFI
7. London Calling - The Clash
6. Insomniac - Green Day
5. Bullets - My Chemical Romance
4. For Blood And Empire - Anti-Flag
3. Kerplunk! - Green Day
2. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge - My Chemical Romance
1. American Idiot - Green Day
beneath it all.
Awake and Unafraid
beneath it all.
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August 5th, 2006 at 10:04pm
10)30 Seconds To Mars
9)The Academy Is...
6)Th Hush Sound
5)Fall Out Boy
4)Angels And Airwaves
3)Panic! At The Disco
2)Hawthorne Heights
1)From First To Last


10)Slow Down- The Academ Is...
9)Die Romantic-Aiden
CoolThe Adventure-Angels And Airwaves
7)Fully Alive-Flyleaf
6)Hanging On-Cheyenne Kimball
5)Pieces Of Me-Ashlee Simpson
4)L.O.V.E-Ashlee Simpson
3)Saturday-Fall Out Boy
2)Camisado-Panic! At The Disco
1)Ohio Is For Lovers-Hawthorne Heights

10)We Don't Need To Whisper-Angels And Airwaves
9)Nightmare Anatomy-Aiden
CoolThe Day Has Come-Cheyenne Kimball
7)I Am Me-Ashlee Simpson
5)Take This To Your Grave-Fall Out Boy
4)Autobiogarphy-Ashlee Simpson
3)A Fever You Can't Sweat Out-Panic! At The Disco
2)The Silence In Black And White-Hawthorne Heights
1)Heroine-From First To Last
cruel melody
Salute You in Your Grave
cruel melody
Age: 29
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August 5th, 2006 at 10:18pm

10- Misfits
9- Panic! At the disco
8- Fall Out Boy
7- Taking Back Sunday
6- Marilyn Manson
5- Nine Inch Nails
4- KoRn
3- Evanescence
2- AFI


10- Chasing Cars
9- Gotta Keep Them Seperated
8- Honest Mistake
7- Adams Song
6- Heart Shaped Box
5- Forever Gone Forever You
4- Cemetery Drive
3- To The End
2- It's not a fashion statement, It's a deathwish
1- Every other single MCR song <3


8- Underworld Evolution Soundtrack
7- Halo 14 ~ Nine Inch Nails
6- Lest We Forget ~ Marilyn Manson
5- Louder Now ~ Taking Back Sunday
4- See You On The Other Side ~ KoRn
3- Decemberunderground ~ AFI
2-I Brought You My Bullets You Brought Me Your Love ~ MCR
1-Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge ~ MCR (will soon be their new cd! OCT 24 yeaahh)
*A Midnight Soul*
Motor Baby
*A Midnight Soul*
Age: 28
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August 6th, 2006 at 03:05pm
1)My Chemical Romance
4)Alkaline Trio
6)Linkin Park
7)Vanessa Carlton
CoolSense Fail

1)Our Lady of Sorrows
2)Ordinary Day
3)Love Like Winter
4)Die Romantic
5)Such Great Heights
7)Time is running out
CoolPoints of Authority
9)Every Thug Needs a Lady
10)How to Fiw Everything

1)Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
2)Nightmare Anatomy
4)Hybrid Theory
5)Sirens and Condolences
6)Be not Nobody
CoolLights and Sounds
9)Let it Enfold you
10)Our Gangs Dark Oath
soleil vs the dark.
Awake and Unafraid
soleil vs the dark.
Age: 26
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August 6th, 2006 at 04:26pm
10. Green day
9. Straylight run
8. The killers
7. Saves the Day
6. OK go
5. Cobra Starship
4. Metric
3. P!ATD
2. Fall Out Boy

10. Give me novocaine - Green day
9. Combat baby - metric
8. I've got a dark alley... (summer song) - Fall out boy
7. Existentialism on prom night - straylight run
6. At your funeral - Saves the day
5. Bonnie taylor shakedown 2k1 - hellogoodbye
4. Touchdown turnaround - hellogoodbye
3. all time lows - hellogoodbye
2. camisado - p!atd
1. Snakes on a plane (bring it) - cobra starship <333333333

10. American idiot - green day
9. Old world underground, where are you now? - metric
8. Avocado EP - hellogoodbye
7. from under the cork tree - fall out boy
6. my heart will always be the b-side to my tongue - fall out boy [i think that's what the album is called...?]
5. curtain call - eminem
4. live it out - metric
3. three cheers for sweet revenge - mcr
2. a fever you can't sweat out - p!atd
1. Z!A!V!D! - hellogoodbye <3333333333333333333333333333333
dana eats dreams
dana eats dreams
Age: 28
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August 7th, 2006 at 06:22pm

10. The Hush Sound
09. 30 Seconds To Mars
08. Underoath
07. The Darkness
06. From First To Last
05. Avenged Sevenfold
04. Panic! At The Disco
03. The Dresden Dolls
02. My Chemical Romance
01. A Fire Inside


10. Bad Habit [Dresden Dolls]
09. Face Down [Red Jumpsuit Apparatus]
08. Build God, Then We'll Talk [Panic! At The Disco]
07. Killing Loneliness [HIM]
06. The Kill [30 Seconds To Mars]
05. Emily [From First To Last]
04. Girls Not Grey [A Fire Inside]
03. Hang Em' High [My Chemical Romance]
02. This Time Imperfect[A Fire Inside]
01. Girl Anachronism [Dresden Dolls]


10. Heroine [From First To Last]
09. City Of Evil [Avenged Sevenfold]
08. Permission To Land [The Darkness]
07. Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Body Count [From First To Last]
06. I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love [My Chemical Romance]
05. Decemberunderground [A Fire Inside]
04. The Dresden Dolls [The Dresden Dolls]
03. A Fever You Can't Sweat Out [Panic! At The Disco]
02. 3 Cheers For Sweet Revenge [My Chemical Romance]
01. Sing The Sorrow [A Fire Inside]
This Time Imperfect
Thinking Happy Thoughts
This Time Imperfect
Age: 31
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August 8th, 2006 at 04:46am
2.Alkaline Trio
4.The Used
5.My Chemical Romance
6.Story Of The Year
7.Rise Against
10.Bullet For My Valentine

1.Radio - Alkaline Trio
2.Days Of The Pheonix - AFI
3.Get Fighted - Alexisonfire
4.Last Sunrise - Aiden
5.Sing For The Moment - Eminem
6.Hello, I'm In Delaware - City & Colour
7.Life Less Frightening - Rise Against
8.Headfirst For Halos - MCR
9.Pieces Mended - The Used
10.Trouble Breathing - Alkaline Trio

1.Good Mourning - Alkaline Trio
2.Art Of Drowning - AFI
3.Goddamnit - Alkaline Trio
4.Watch Out! - Alexisonfire
5.Billy Talent - Billy Talent
6.Tell All Your Friends -Taking Back Sunday
7.Siren Song Of The Counter Culture - Rise Against
8.Sing The Sorrow - AFI
9.In The Wake Of Determination - Story Of The Year
10.Decemberunderground - AFI
atoned angels.
Salute You in Your Grave
atoned angels.
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Posts: 2835
August 8th, 2006 at 10:58am
Albums --
Black Sails In the Sunset [AFI]
A Fever You Can't Sweat Out [Panic! At the Disco]
Deja Entendu [Brand New]
From the Depths of Dreams [Senses Fail]
They're Only Chasing Safety [UnderOath]
Art of Drowning [AFI]
Plans [Death Cab For Cutie]
MTV Unplugged In New York [Nirvana]
I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning [Bright Eyes]
Papercut EP [Gym Class Heroes]

Artists --
Brand New
Senses Fail
Bright Eyes
Panic! At the Disco
The Cure
At The Drive-In

Songs --
Start of Something [Voxtrot]
Camisado [Panic! At the Disco]
Clove Smoke Catharsis [AFI]
God Called In Sick Today [AFI]
Boys Don't Cry [The Cure]
Good To Know If I Ever Need Attention All I Have To Do Is Die [Brand New]
My First Kiss At The Public Execution [Blood Brothers]
Sic Transit Gloria...Glory Fades [Brand New]
L.G. Fuad [Motion City Soundtrack]
Lua [Bright Eyes]
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Posts: 68
August 9th, 2006 at 06:11am
10. Angels And Airwaves
9. My Chemical Romance
8. Taking Back Sunday
7. Silverstein
6. Hawthorne Heights
5. Avenged Sevefold
4. Paramore
3. AFI
2. Green Day
1. lostprophets

10. Bleeds No More - Silverstein
9. My Paper Heart - The All-American Rejects
8. Girl's Not Grey - AFI
7. You Are So Last Summer - Taking Back Sunday
6. Bat Country - Avenged Sevenfold
5. Seize The Day - Avenged Sevenfold
4. The Adventure - Angels and Airwaves
3. The Leaving Song - AFI
2. Demolition Lovers - My Chemical Romance
1. Pressure - Paramore

10. We Don't Need To Whisper - Angels And Airwaves
9. City Of Evil - Avenged Sevenfold
8. Three Cheers For Sweet revenge - My Chemical Romance
7. I Brought You My bullets, You Brought Me Your Bullets - My Chemical Romance
5. The Silence In Black And White - Hawthorne Heights
4. Greatest Hits - Blink182
3. Start Something - lostprophets
2. Liberation Transmission - lostprophets
1. All We Know Is Falling - Paramore