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The Rules

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June 14th, 2008 at 07:52pm
Welcome to

You have arrived at the best My Chemical Romance site there is. Fact. End of. Period. We want you to enjoy your time here and make new friends and stuff, but we do ask that you follow the guidelines and abide by the following rules. Working together will make sure that remain the best MCR site there is. By following these rules we can maintain our standards and reputation.

These are the INO Golden Rules.

1)When you join INO it is important you know that you are only allowed one account.
Some people have been banned in the past for making multiple accounts. We are adamant that you abide by this rule, if you are found to have a second account you will be banned. If you have more than one account it is assumed that you are creating a fake user. Here at INO we do not want our users to be tricked by fakes. It is also against the rules to allow a banned person to post through your account. You might think you are being a good friend, but it will lose you your account. If you are aware that someone has an additional account it is your duty to report them. If you do not do so you are running the risk of a banning yourself. Also - don't share accounts with friends - make your own! Smile

2)We expect respect on this website.
For everyone here, whether you are a n00b, a long time poster, a moderator or admin. Everyone deserves respect. Treat others as you would expect to be treated. If you do that, there should be no problems. Half the problems that occur on this site are because people do not respect each other. Keep that in mind and think before you post. If you don't have anything nice to say keep your mouth shut or rather, your fingers off the keys. Respect also includes crediting people who may make you avatars/signatures. Please keep in mind that filesharing is illegal and therefore we cannot allow this on INO. Repeated posting of links to illegal fileshares will result in a ban. You should not request files on this site either.

3) Obscene pictures/comments are not allowed.
No one is going to stop you swearing or speaking naturally with your peers however, if you use gratuitous language or post unsavoury pictures you're crossing the line. That includes naked pictures/pornography. Always imagine your parents/teachers are watching what you post. This may help eliminate this problem. Mr. Green This also stands for your avatars/signatures.

4) Flaming is a total no-no.
If you have an issue with bullying or flaming please contact a Moderator as soon as possible to sort this out. You can find a link to the moderators on the bottom of the page. Please try to keep your drama to a minimum. If you need to sort things out with a user, PM them instead of spamming threads. Remember, flaming will get you banned, so watch what you say to people while doing so.

5) We do not encourage the use of chat-speak here.
We prefer you to speak in Standard English and to use good grammar. If English is your second language, fair enough, but if it is your first, you have no excuse! There is a spellchecker button when you write your posts. Use it. Please respect basic message-board-ettiquette. Please remember that new threads should be made by the last poster on page 199.

6) Do not pyramid quote.
(repeatedly quote all the messages in a series of communications). It takes up loads of space and generally makes people annoyed. Quote the last message by all means but edit out the other posts. This also goes for quoting pictures. When you quote please turn the picture to an [url]. It takes up less room and stops the site slowing down. Large pictures also create problems, pictures any bigger than 640px should automatically be made into an [url] otherwise it clogs up the board and stretches the page and generally annoys people. Repeatedly posting extra-large text also causes the same problems.

7) If you have racist, homophobic, sexist, ageist etc views then please refrain from posting them here.
Your views will not be welcomed here. We run a happy ship with liberal and open-minded members.

8 ) If you are considering making a new topic/thread, please use the search facility
(at the bottom of the page –link ) to see if there is already a topic made. Duplicate threads will only be deleted. If you spot a duplicate thread or a thread that breaks any of the INO rules please report it using the button in the top right corner of the post. Once a thread is reported people should no longer post in that thread. Please remember that all images should be saved to your own accounts, such a photobucket, not a direct hotlink. Please do not make threads to sell your stuff - even if it is MCR related. This is not the place. Try eBay Smile

9) Try to keep your posts on-topic.
Going off topic is considered spam. People who persistently spam the boards will be banned. Be warned. If you want to get to know people visit our chat room or alternatively check out the What Are You Thinking Threads (WAYT). They are available in the INO Chamber, The N00bs board, The Band Board and the Stories Board. If you repeatedly send people “spam-pm’s” you are also likely to end up being banned. Junk mail is not wanted in your email inbox and it isn’t wanted here.

10) Do not disrespect the Admin/Moderators.
They are here to do a job, and to be honest, it's a good thing they are! Without them we wouldn't have and we'd all have to go outside and try and have lives, so please give them the respect they deserve.

11) If you do get banned you should contact
The response you get will explain your banning and the length of your ban. The decision of the Administrators is final. If a friend of yours is banned or you are present on a thread when a member is banned, please remember that your comments could result in a ban also. Derogatory comments towards the staff or the situation will not be seen favourably and could result in a ban. If you are angry or annoyed, take it to PM with your friend, don’t risk your position on INO by posting before you have had time to think.

12) Here at INO we appreciate every user.
We want to get to know you; we want you to be comfortable here and to feel welcome. Therefore we ask you to be yourself. Don’t try and be something you aren’t and definitely don’t create a fake persona. We’re sure you would want people to be true and honest with you, so make sure you return that honesty. Taking false credit for someone else’s work is also a concern. There is no way you should try and pass someone else’s work off as your own; this includes graphics and writing (fanfics poetry etc.)