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My Poetry

Bleeding on the Floor
Age: 27
Gender: Female
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July 22nd, 2008 at 01:47am
I plan to keep editing this post as I add more poetry, unless someone posts a comment about my poems.

More of my poetry can be found here.

"Walk on the Beach"
Written: July 8th, 2008

As you take a walk on the beach,
The cotton-soft sand singes your feet like hot coals.
The salty, foamy water tickles your feet,
As you come closer to it.

The breeze cools your body off,
As you wade through the bathwater-warm water.
A wave splashes you,
And you are soaked from head to toe.

"The Agonizing Truth"
Written:July 5th, 2008

The rays heat up my skin,
And beat down gently.
The clouds dance,
And the birds sing.

The water is chilled and crystal-clear,
Fish dart around on the lake floor.
Squirrels abscond nuts,
Frogs "ribbit" and leap with a thud.

I start to read a book,
Titled "The Truth."
I crash on my back,
And start spinning dizzily in circles.

I'm in a new world,
A strange, desolate world.
No sun to warm me up,
And no birds chirping or clouds dancing.

The water has turned into black ink,
And the entirety of plant-life has died and lies there on top of the vacant ground.
The Earth is painted in black-and-white,
With a touch of gray.

"Will Always Miss You"

Tears cover my glasses,
and make it hard to see.
I cannot stop crying,
and don't even try to.

I carry you,
an extremely weak guinea pig.
Your body just doesn't feel the same,
and you've lost a lot of fur.

I walk into a building,
and my mom explains everything.
I go into another room with you,
still bawling my eyes out.

The vet looks at you,
and doesn't seem too happy.
This cannot,
be good at all.

He tells me the worst news I ever heard in my life,
It is too melancholy.
You will never see me again,
and I'll never see you.

I get to see you one last time,
and cry a tremendous amount of tears.
Then it's time,
for you to leave me forever.

I grasp my scissors,
Wishing to bleed,
A stream of blood,
From my arms.

To take away the sadness,
The pain and agony.

I fight the urge,
To create a pool of blood.
My happiness,
It all fades away into a dark world of chaos.

I look around,
No one in sight,
No one to love me,
No one to hug me.

I'm crazy like always,
Always wrong.
The jet-black thoughts are back,
To kill me both emotionally and physically.

"Just a Dream"

I had a dream,
That the world was yellow.
Everyone wore smiles,
Everyone was able to fly,
Cupcakes and cotton candy for all,
A gigantic, friendly social-hour for each person in the world!

Sugar and sparkles.

No deep blue,

It was just a dream.
Cereal Killer
Cereal Killer
Age: 27
Gender: Male
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July 22nd, 2008 at 12:03pm
The Agonizing Truth=suh-weet!
Bleeding on the Floor
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Posts: 1163
September 21st, 2008 at 02:38am
"Bullet of Guilt"

Shot through the heart,
By a bullet of guilt.
Weakened, wounded, and agonized.

Blood drains out of my body,
Until the wounds nearly kill me.
But no one really cares,
They are hurt nearly as bad as I am.

Suffocates me throughout the night.
Blood-splattered conscience.
Your Ghost.
Thinking Happy Thoughts
Your Ghost.
Age: 25
Gender: Female
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September 21st, 2008 at 05:03pm
Your poems are great!!