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A Search For Pride.

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August 30th, 2008 at 01:11pm

I’m cold, alone, and empty inside.
I’m still searching for my pride.
Go laugh if you will,
I’ll just stay still.
My life has lost its thrill.

Must I be perfect?
Without a flaw?
I didn’t know that was the law.
That is how I got this way.

You pretend that you don’t know,
Though you hesitate to go.
Don’t pretend that it doesn’t show!
Will you help or will you not?
Or have you just forgot that I need a helping hand?

I know you see me as you walk by.
Why did you leave me hear to cry?
I scream “Why would you let me die?!”

I’m broken and shattered.
My pieces are scattered.
Now I sob as I seem not to exist.

But I expected as much.
I can trust no one anymore.
This place is not as colorful as it seems.

All I need is a smile,
Then I’m not in denial
Of life being all that bad.
But I know that will not come from you.
Why don’t you just shoot me too?
Isn’t it that obvious?

“Hey you!
I know you saw me,
Because I saw you too!
How dare you turn your back on a friend?!
So don’t pretend you didn’t know!
How could you just go
And leave me here to die?
Go ahead, tell me why.”

Now I’m not afraid.
I have found my source of pride.