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Age: 31
Gender: Male
Posts: 2
February 6th, 2009 at 11:21am
Hey all, I posted some stuff on here awhile back my email address doesn't seem to be working anymore. A lot of you seemed to like my stuff, so hopefully you'll like some of my new stuff too Wink The next 5 poems are from my newest collection - For Madeleine, Forgotten.

1) - For Maddy, Part One

Why another world even matters is beyond me,
A question reserved for great thinkers
Lazing in smoking jackets beside a sunset fire set in stone –
Those whose tongues’ lash about life
Seem never to have lived it.

Yet this is a world you have created,
A broken splinter of paper
Ripped separate from the pad that youth provided.
For we were all ink droplets,
Yet bleeding together on one sheet;
White and innocent as a wedding gown.
But when the end came
Your pen ran dry

And you vanished.

Yet still I write,
And there are others here too;
Others who know “keeping in touch”
Is more than a coward’s replacement
We hope you are merely scribbling in invisible ink,

Still living,
Still breathing,
Still loving

On Time’s aging white sheet.
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Posts: 2
February 6th, 2009 at 11:29am
2) Nevermind


Even a forceful passport and
A tear-soaked boarding pass and
A heaven/Hell-sent road trip
Keep me buckled to ancient ruins,
A mercenarious tomb raider –
For the highest bidder
Consider my past God’s joke book.
My blood-caked fingernails eat
Into me as I claw you up –
A fictitious grave robber,
A metaphor too far?
Such a deep hole for such a fresh funeral,
A solitary rose has even yet to wither.

An empty inbox sleeps
Like a taunting school bully when the bell tolls;
Why has time not cleansed my custom-built sin?
A baptism of well-rehearsed lies
Quarter-heartedly shed a snake’s skin
As I hunch,
Hand behind my back, fingers crossed.
Deleting you appears as futile
As calming a roaring forest fire with a dripping tap.


I’m sure my Oscar-winning apathy will see me through
Lies’ lowly swamp,
While Truth laughs down from his plateau.