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Waiting For Pain (In Moments Of Doubt)

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February 17th, 2009 at 12:17pm
Umm well I wrote this myself and it is rubbish. I just wanted a few peoples constructive critisism.... The first part of the title is the origanal title and the bit in brackets is just an extra bit.

Waiting For Pain (In Moments Of Doubt)
Where are all the lies,
where is all the hurt,
where is the rejection,
where is the pain.

You say you love me,
but your not the first,
to speak those words,
how do I know the truth.

Do you really care,
is there really truth,
in the words spoken,
time and time again

I know the hurt is coming
the pain is now not far
for you must wish to hurt me
your affections will be barred

Love is not true
Pain is real
Tortue is immentient
What did I do

Only one option
left to reassure
except that it's not
an option anymore

I thought I owed
to much
to those who cared
but now I wish
they had never shared

Truth becomes lies
Whats taken
for granted
is gone

The option is back
the easy way out
should I
could I
would I
I must