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Fated by save-the-wetlands

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March 5th, 2009 at 06:46pm
She looked from the top of the tree
finally reaching her goal she smiled to the sky
her mother would be angry for climbing that tree
her mother always said she could get hurt

and down she fell
she broke her leg

she fell for his goodness
intrigued by his eyes
his face haunted her dreams
never her nightmares
he fixed her, he healed her
he left going to Chicago
she never saw him again

she grew and she longed for him
she married a man who didn;t love
she found her love would naver change him
he would never love her child

so she ranaway
she always said she'd go west to teach
but she went north
she taught leading a life as a widow

her child came, but his life went as quick as it did
she greived till she couldn't
her life was over
she didn't want to live
so she took her life to the cliff
and gave it away to the wind, rocks, and water

she thought she was in hell
she burned, it never stopped
how long it would last she didn't know
the pain seemed to last forever
for all enternity it seemed

but it started to lessen
second by second
cell by cell
till ther was no more
she finally reached peace
death finally came

but some how she awoke
to a world anew
how was this so?
wasn't she suppose to be dead?
she ended her life right?

so she opened her eyes
she saw the face she had dreamed of for so long
and the eyes she saw ten years before.