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Something Personal

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March 25th, 2009 at 10:14pm
So you weren’t told the whole truth
That doesn’t mean I lied
You just never asked all the questions
And so you never got the whole answer
But what else should have been said?
Afraid of what the truth would bring
I promised to my sister to not tell

But isn’t it better sometimes to not know the whole truth?
Some things are better left unsaid
But who’s to know what’s best said?

I see you’re pain, your anger, at me and her.
I feel the pain of losing your trust and friendship
It’s my fault for being afraid to tell the whole truth
It’s his fault for lying about everything
It’s her fault for going behind your back
It’s your fault for making us chose friends

But what does it matter anymore?
All our mistakes together have caused this
So then where did the trouble all begin?

You don’t miss anything until it’s gone
Unyielding tears flow from not only me
A brother to me, and more to my sister
All our mistakes have piled up
And now the learning can begin

You hate and despise us for who we are
But you have made just as many mistakes
Maybe it’s time for you to learn to forgive and forget

It’s about time you take responsibility for your actions
You try to blame it all on us when in the end, it was you
Now you’ve just gone to far, hurt too many people.
After all has been said and done, why should we want you back?

It’s our turn to hate, our turn for the blood to boil beneath our skin
You turn and run, you run like a coward from our approaches
We want to end this once and for all

You can run, you can hide, but I will bring this to an end
Go, run to the people you claim are your real friends
I’m sure they’d like to hear your lies

Too many tears have been shed for you
You have caused so much pain that could have been avoided
I will be there for my sister, like you were not

You said you loved her, you would forgive
But those are all lies, lies told to whom else?

Do you always say you love so easily?
What you said to her, it means nothing
Your word is empty, as empty as your love

Shame on me, shame on you

My sister and I fooled you with a lie
You fooled me with your friendship
You fooled her with your love
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March 25th, 2009 at 10:16pm
i don't have a title for it...i'm not sure if it should. if you think of something, don't be afraid to mention it
Motor Baby
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April 3rd, 2009 at 02:36am
i like it =]