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The Illusion of Civility

Age: 44
Gender: Female
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January 14th, 2009 at 01:10am
One I wrote tonight, about someone I know, who's been really messed up to people. Its happened before, guess this is one time too many.

The Unforgiven

Walk in silence
Pain unending
Shunning the dark
Hiding, pretending

Hurting and breaking
No where to go
Where the dead walk the streets
So cold and alone

I reached for your hand
Your sickness and pain
But then I remembered
The choice you had made

Words harsh and cold
Unforgiving and listless
Wallow in pity
Self hatred, so twisted

Stopped short by the thought
My heart turned to stone
You're selfish and bold
It's why you're alone

I know your excuses
I've heard them all
Stand up and fight
Or let yourself fall

Eyes bloodshot and weary
There was one silent plea
Writhing and weeping
"Please just save me"

I am not your savior
So go pop a pill
Because this is life
In old Monroeville.


@2009 Elathan's Muse

Just so there's no confusion, Elathan's Muse is me on MySpace.