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An Exhilirating Concert

Salute You in Your Grave
Age: 31
Gender: Female
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February 15th, 2009 at 01:27pm
A concert is an unbelievable, exhilirating experience
That you can not define in one single word
Your body goes through various emotions
That are uncontrollable and you
Feel like a shock just ran
Right through you

The sounds boom in your ear
But you do not care
It is like a night of fireworks
On the Fourth of July
Your heart races as if it is going to jump
Out of your chest, while rushing
To the front of the stage
Your eyes widen as you take in
The outstanding sights
Such as the ear deafening guitars and bass
And the gigantic intimidating drumset

People rush around you
To see this rocking band
Composed of odd men
Mainly from New Jersey
But one from Chicago

The first song begins
And the singer screams
Before singing the song
People start jumping and screaming
Nearly causing a riot
But luckily, there is no
Injury causing mosh pit

The singer, Gerard,
Moves freely across the stage
While Ray and Frank play
Their hearts out
Almost surrending to the floor
Not to mention, Mikey
Playing it cool on the bass
And Bob sweating to death
When he is playing his drums

By the time it is over
Your head is filled with memories
Such as people singing along
To every single song and
Ray's mindblowing guitar solos
This is just one of the everlasting experiences
Of any My Chemical Romance concert