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MCR Dedications...

Joining The Black Parade
Age: 32
Gender: Female
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May 26th, 2009 at 12:24pm
Goodbye Four-Eyes (3 in 1 poem on Mikey Way)

The square frame with strong black texture
that is remembered by all of beauty and memories,
until that wonderous day which is always remembered.
that they were not needed. The power of the glasses...gone.
Thank you laser eye surgery. They will never be part of my life again!

Ode To Pansy (Frankie Iero's guitar)

The wonders you have endured,
Throughout the years,
Have brought the crowd to life.

With you insanely beautiful sound,
The melodic amusement of love and passion,
Enters my soul and traps it.

The day of your passing,
Destroyed my heart into,
Millions of scattered pieces.

It is so hard to trace,
And sew together the,
Once precious energy,
That kept me alive.

If only you were still here,
So you could embrace the world,
One more time.

It would make the world,
A lively, lovely place,
All over again.

I miss you PANSY!
And I hope that you
Are somewhere nice,
Resting in peace.

more to come once i type them.