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Deep to all enimies and people who don't know their place

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April 6th, 2011 at 02:10am
My playground eyes lead me through to earth with the feelin of self pitty escaping through the cracks of political and religious unrest while you can sit still and wait I go down slowly sleepily and steadily silently till I get what's coming even if I'll have to take that bullet for you will it be worth it I'll wonder as I leaning, falling into the blood I didn't have to spill but you did for sport I'll explode wile you are too buysy imploding into your own wants and feelings of others to notice how things may stay the same or if they want to change you alone can think if how all it goes you laph noone thinks it's funny you don't know how it hurts till use tasted the iron of it on your thilthy toungeĀ