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any similar band to MCR ...

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April 26th, 2018 at 04:26am

i felt in love with this band ... My Chemical Romance .. their last cd is so good,.every single song is just perfect (their 1st album hasn't the something special).. is the best band that i found in last 2 years and is simply in my top5 now... i m not fan of this type emo-screamo-gothic whatever they are, but thanx to this band i want to learn more about this type .. i checked some emo bands before Thursday, Thrice, Taking Back Sunday bcoz everyone talking about them like they are gods .. i didnt find anything special ... maybe is bcoz mcr arent real emo punk ? however, tell me any other bands if know similar to Mcr .. ( i already know Afi and The Used and they look like losers in front of MCR)