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Officials have confirmed that there

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September 10th, 2021 at 01:53am
Officials have confirmed that there will be three different versions this year. They will be available in both digital and physical formats. There will be a standard version, as well as a cross-generational bundle. A special edition to celebrate the 75th anniversary of NBA was also released. The cross-generation digital bundle includes an upgrade to the previous generation on Xbox or PS consoles in the purchase of a single item. Taking the PlayStation platform as an example, players will get the PS4 version, as well as the PS5 version of the "NBA 2K22" game.

It is important to mention that cross-platform games can't be used on multiple hosts and PCs. But, different generations within the same host family might continue to be able to share cross-platform progress using MyTEAM mode.

The official further stated that, while the team working on development is keenly interested in the possibility of making the next-generation game performance on the PC as well as Switch platforms, the main focus of the development team right now is to make sure that "NBA 2K22" offers the highest quality performance on the brand new console but also ensuring that the gaming experience for other platforms makes players feel new and fresh. This statement also confirms that PC players can't play the most recent version of the high-performance computing version.

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