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Joining The Black Parade
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September 13th, 2008 at 07:46pm
This, I believe, is my best poem. See if you guys like it.


What are we doing? Why are we here?
Eyes are filling with unshed tears.
People dying, screams all around.
Sticky red blood, staining the ground.
When will the madness come to an end?
When will my heart begin to mend?
Torn apart by the sights of monstrosity.
My brothers, they died to save them from more atrocity.

Why are we here? What’s going on?
Dirty, torn, bloody is the green I have donned.
The sound of shots ring in the air.
War and Death walking hand in hand. What a pair.
They tear apart families, cripple bodies and minds.
Why didn’t we realize we were behind enemy lines?
Corpses and empty shells litter the grass.
We shouldn’t be here. We should leave fast.

I don't want to make it out. Murder is all I know.
Murder is all that lurks in the reaches of my soul.
Insanity lingers, tearing my mind.
Walking through the underwolrd, deaf, dumb, blind.
I know that in Hell is the only place I belong.
Walking through the black and torturous throng.

Stumbling through the maze of Death,
The air so dark and rank, I can’t take a breath.
I can’t remember why they sent me.
I wanted to help my country be all it could be.
I know that all I have done is cause more strife.
Then, a figure emerges from the dark to take my life.

He points the gun at me. I barely hear the shots.
I fall to the ground, joining with my lot.
Joining my brothers, they meet me at Death’s door,
And I become yet another Casualty of War.

So let me know what you think, and maybe I'll come up with another one if you liked it. Very Happy
Joining The Black Parade
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September 13th, 2008 at 09:55pm
Oh my gosh i know i say this to alot of people and every time it's the truth so i'm going to say it again because it applys here and its true!! You are really good at writing poetry!! You should deffinately write more!! and if you do tell me because i will really be interested in reading it!! that poem was really strong in emotion and had alot of details!! you wrote it so that i could i could picture it perfectly you really captured the whole war idea and everything about it!! I loved that poem it was extremely good!! Clap