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New Yawk City

Member since July 14th, 2006



♥about me.♥
A few fun, random-ass facts about me.
+most people know me as Myrsha[birth name], others know me as roxie. the rest of you refer to me as haushinka.
+my dream career is either band manager or hooters girl.
+i actually am one of those die-hard New York Yankees fans. the type who watches every game, shouts every expletive when they get cheated out of a call, screams for joy when they win [even if it's a minor game], can predict exactly how many games they'll win in the World Series, and has a hatred for the Boston Red Sox boiling in their blood. They are the best team ever, of ANY sport, and if you choose to tell me any different, then i will be forced to bust a cap in your ass.
+i LOVE cookies. Just try to hold one in front of me and not expect to get your hand gnawed off.
+I tend to laugh at little things. Like spelling mistakes and speech impediments. Even though I have a slight lisp myself. I also laugh at facial expressions. Seeing Lars Ulrich drum makes me piss my pants laughing.
+I have never been in love. i am a certified commitment-phobe.
+i love my best friends. we have come to the conclusion that we may have been seperated at birth.
+I am friends with many, many ghetto people. it's also happened to rub off on me, so i'll bust a cap in your ass if you try to fuck with me.
+i can recite practically the whole script to "Ocean's 11". I've seen it that many times.
+i don't like to talk on the phone that much. this tends to come across as indifference. but it's not. i would just rather talk to you in your face than to a cold, dead, plastic phone reciever.
+My favorite song at the moment would have to be "Dust N' Bones" by Guns N' Roses.
+My favorite bands at the moment are Green Day, Guns N' Roses, Avenged Sevenfold, Velvet Revolver, Metallica, Pantera, and The Distillers.
+yes, my favorite band in the whole wide world is green day. no, i don't only know the words to "Boulevard of broken dreams". nor do i wanna marry "billy jo" or murder his wife of ten years, adrienne. this band makes actual music that can/will affect the masses, whether you like them or not. they have impacted me in the biggest way. they are what you call a group of true musicians.
+September 1st, 2005 was the best day of my life.
+tre cool is my hero. he is everything i aspire to be and more. i can only hope to be as great as him when i grow older.
+i've memorized almost all of the drumming riffs on most Green Day songs. But i can't play them on an actual drum set.
+i am one of the many, many females that find the members of Avenged sevenfold extremely attractive. no words can describe the feeling that i get between my legs everytime i look at them or hear the intro to anyone of their songs, old or new.
+although i do find them attractive, i also respect the musical abilities of the members of Avenged Sevenfold. so don't mistake me for some teenie fan.
+May 20th, 2006 was the second-best day of my life.
+It is very hard for me to like newer bands. I ususally tend to go for classic, 80s, 90s, and alternative rock. None of that nu-metal shit appeals to me.
+i obssess over awesome ass guitar solos, and can orally recite them perfectly, note by note.
+i am currently indecisive over which instrument i want to learn to play. i'm debating betweeen the guitar or the drums.
+don't get me wrong, i do know how to play...well, sorta. See, I've taken guitar and keyboard classes before, but by the time the final recital came along, i'd realize that i didn't learn shit. so i've cheated my way through music classes all my life.
+i take miniscule things waaay too fucking seriously. like the breakup of Guns N' Roses. If i were to get into that right at this moment, then this would probably take you five hours to read (not that you're reading this shit anyway).
+Izzy Stradlin is my favorite guns n' roses member. He is so often overlooked and underestimated that it angers me if anyone were to say anything bad about him to my face.
+At the mere mention of Axl Rose, i go through a plethora of emotions: anger, fury, back to anger, amused, calmed, then pity.
+i don't like emo. sure, i'm friends with people who listen to it. But that doesn't mean that i myself like to lock myself in a room and scream about my dog's death to a backround of unstructured noise. even britney spears songs have more structure than that shit.


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