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New Zealand

Member since July 21st, 2006


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My Name is Vanessa

I love MCR

I went to BDO and saw MCR

Homophobia is Gay

I'm apparently emo. If you don't like that, leave

Frank Iero is sexx on legs

I have stretched ears

[b]I had my lip pierced but it closed up Sadb]

I'm secretly a fish

I have a nephew

I'm the youngest of four

I hate spiders. They are scary

I write poetry and stories


I am trying to think of what to say

I have a myspace

It is

I have grey-green eyes

People call me emo. They can fuck up coz I'm not a soup can and in need of a label

If you have noticed I don't write in chatspeak. That is because it annoys me

The three things that really annoy me are:
-Slow computers
-PeOpLe WhO tYpE lIkE tHiS

Music is life and if I could I would marry it


//30 Seconds To Mars//36 Crazy Fists//3 Days Grace//The Academy Is//AFI//Alexisonfire//Anti-Flag//A Perfect Circle//Black Flag//Blink 182//Bouncing Souls//Breaking Benjamin//Bullet For My Valentine//The Clash//Coheed And Cambria//The Cranberries//Cute Is What We Aim For//Disturbed//Dream Theater//The Dresdon Dolls//Evanescence//Fall Out Boy//Flyleaf//From First To Last//Funeral For A Friend//Goo Goo Dolls//Greenday//Hawthorne Heights//HIM//Incubus//Jimmy Eat World//The Killers//Lost Prophets//Marilyn Manson//The Mars Volta//The Misfits//Mudvayne//Murderdoll s//Muse//My Chemical Romance//Nightwish//Nine Inch Nails//Nirvana//OK GO//Our Lady Peace//Panic! At The Disco//Pencey Prep//Pink Floyd//Placebo//Queen//Queens Of The Stoneage//Ramones//The Rasmus//Red Hot Chili Peppers//Scary Kids Scaring Kids//Senses Fail//Sex Pistols//Slipknot//The Smashing Pumpkins//Steriogram//The Strokes//System Of A Down//Taking Back Sunday//Thursday//Tool//U2//U nderoath//The Used//The Verve//Wolfmother//Zed//

The Ten Commandments of a Chemical Romance
1.♥ Thou shall not put a gun to thy lover's head. 2.♥ Thou shall be willing to die for love. 3.♥ Thou shall seek revenge on those who wrong you. 4.♥ Thou shall be a demolition lover. 5.♥ Thou shall unleash the bats. 6.♥ Thou shall protect thy lover from everything. (even vampires) 7.♥ Thou shall respect the lord, Gerard. 8.♥ Thou shall sing the holy hymns of the chemical romance. 9.♥ Thou shall see beauty in bloody love. 10.♥Thou shall rock hard.



  • running cold

    hi im shelby u can call me shelbsta or wateva
    my best m8 calls me and emo so apparently i am 1!!!!!!

    running cold, July 4th, 2008 at 03:43:40pm

  • Sana

    Hi Im Sana

    Sana, March 10th, 2008 at 02:51:06am

  • cemetaryprotestlead said your emo, then you got mad that people call you emo RE:♥I'm apparently emo. If you don't like that, leave♥;♥I'm apparently emo. If you don't like that, leave♥

    cemetaryprotestlead, February 10th, 2008 at 05:58:33pm

  • black_roses_77

    hey im tara

    black_roses_77, October 3rd, 2007 at 05:30:47am

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