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x Arsenic x

x Arsenic x
Ary =)
Nuevo Laredo Mx / Laredo USA

Member since September 7th, 2005


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I am Ary, and let's get it right: it means random, weird, stupid, Artistic. And Yesh =3 I am an artist. Art is the most Awesome thing ever invented for me. I am a super Zelda junkie. Link is my fav character ever. He'll never change: green clothes, master sword, Leggins xD. Yeah he wears leggins but he's super manly xP. Bad Luck he's blond. I look super weird-shy at first I know.. and later on you'll wish that I stayed that way. I love to talk in public. Yes bitch! In public!=] There's nothing better than it. =D My fav. food is the chicken wings,specially the spicy ones. Later on I may continue with some chicken strips or nuggets. I hate McDonlad's. Fuck it.>_< THe king is gooder, and you better belive it. My fav restaurant is Applebee's. The only one in town =S. My Town is super small,yet is more dangerous than war-zones. I am going to live in canada in 3 years and I will be eating canadians super yummi brownies x3 ( right Carla? =D)I 'll be a super classical animation flash devolper =] (strikes you doesn't it?) and I'll be rich and I am going to make Mexico the top of the top country [long way to go] I'll beat Disney up and make it break =P. Yeah that powerful I am. For me Yoda is the ONE and ONLY jedi master, and yes I love ? Star Wars. Anakin is over-rated.When I grow up I'l have a secret identity: Victoria's secret super model. I love my friends to death. Henry's the oldest and weirdest of all.NO bitches, he's not hulk he just likes having green hair. We do so many crazy/weird things together: jumping out of the stairs, kickin nick, nearly killin' madison's ferret. I love my friend henry to death.ºoº Yes I hate ferrets and cats. Dogs are better, cuter, prettier pets. I come up with words pretty often. I attend a super horrible high school. It's some kind of never-ending -hell. We're always under presion, its super strict and we have tons of homework. Besides my friends there are super cool. 1ºC was the kickass class.We could get over Alda's nerves and get out alive ºoºI love pinguins. They are my favorite animals. They walk like me, and are monogamic , yeah.. we should be. I have the most wonderful boyfriend, Pako =]He's kind, cute, caring, nice, everything you dream of. I can only see him on weekends =(. I love him above everything ?he makes me feel special, wanted,cared for, loved. He's my best friend also.I can talk to him about everything I want or need to. He hates penguins and link the most. We met each other in a very funny way xD. He always gives me presents for no reasons ºoº you want him bitches? NO!! haha he's mine =]. I hate when people use me. And u can bet I always know when you are going so. Never insult anime in front of me >_<. It's sacred. I have been watching anime for 12 years now, so you'll never beat me in knowledge. I am a very spoiled child. I like nacho libre a lot =] It's awesome. I hate exercise. Yeah I love green ? it's the most cheerful color ever.My XV dress was Helena's. Yeah it was the best night ever. =3. I have red glasses and I love them x3. My dad gave them to me as a present for getting into high school. I like painting my nails with baby blue and light green nail polish. I tend to wear relly weird stuff. ALWAYS. so get used to it.Every thing I wear has something special to it. I love stuffed animals specailly the death cat pako gave me =]I am some kind of cartoon living here. I am random, and in the less expected situations. I am extremely short, but I am sure I'll reach the stars =3. If you ever feel like talkin go ahead and talk to me =). People can add me and start sharing art to the world =D why's this shit so long? well.. I just fell like it...xD


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