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Fluffy Ate Me

Fluffy Ate Me
Space between life and death.

Member since August 31st, 2006



Yo' How's it goin'?

I'm Leo in case you haven't guessed by now. So...Hiya!

I am the leader of my kick-ass gang of Vampires, 'cause that's how i roll...

I will love you forever <3


I love FF7 and all the other FF series but FF7 r00ls more.
My idols would be Jenni, Cloud Strife, Tre Cool and Frank Iero.

I adore Ann, Jenni and Nikki. They're the best people ever <333333333

Jenni ~ The first person i became friends with. Introduced me to loads of people on INO, lovely to talk to and always there. She's always gonna be my special girl and teh shex Cool <3333333333

Ann AKA my Lil' sis ~ Funniest girl i've ever met, She's so sweet and cool. P.S.WE PWN like chyeah..<33

Nikki ~ One of my best mates, friendliest person ever, we have some great laughs <33

I'm in a band called You're A Pansy! and i'm lead guitar/singer.
Please keep an eye out for us since our album comes out in May!!!

Hope to see you around.




  • RAAWRness

    Nice profile
    I'm gonna search up your band, always looking for some new bands :D ox
    ps. Love the name Leo, naming my child that!

    RAAWRness, August 21st, 2008 at 04:15:35am

  • riceroll.

    HIYA, I'm Bella.
    oooo how did you get a kickass gang of vampires?
    I've been wanting one of those...

    riceroll., January 29th, 2008 at 09:27:30pm

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