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Kayleigh "Kyo" McEwan

Member since September 6th, 2006


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(note:im still editing this,,,,)
*waves in your face like a madman*

The names kyo and I'm a pure and simple slave to music!

Especially the music that emits from the wonderful brains of My Chemical Romance.
This is one band that have changed my life immensly. Every day they somehow manage to newly inspire me whether it be through thier music or just by me glancing at thier CD cases that sit proudly on my shelf.
Gerard, Frankie, Ray, Mikey and Bob have managed to inspire me more than anyone else in the world....

Normally I feel out of place wherever I go (not that I mind of course! Very Happy) But on the 29/3/2007 at Wembley Areana I truly felt like I belonged. I felt like a true member of the Black Parade at that period of time. I never wanted it to end.

Because of them I so badly want to become a musican.
I learn thier songs
I adore the music that emits from thier albums
I guess you could say that im kinda obbsessed....

But one day I hope to be a musician.
I don't care what anyone says
I don't want to stay on in school and become a buisness woman
I want to touch people like how MCR touched me and
most of all I want to perform and have a great purpose in life.
I've been told that i'm a natural stagewoman.
Lets hope the same goes for my music Smile

about me

I get labeled a lot but i am not Emo or Goth
I am me.

I am normally a pretty happy person but when things get me down I like to chill out and strum out a song on one of my guitars.

My favourite colour is YELLOW
My favourite band is MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE
If I'm not in my room on my gamecube then you can probably find me in my garden listening to Benji (my iPod) or playing sunshine (my acoustic guitar)...Or i'll probably be recording something stoopid on Gerard (my camcorder)
And i have many hobbies....Very Happy

I also like...

listening to music
being obbsessed with manga and anime (i have way over 60 mangas and about 20 animes)
rebeling against my teachers
posterising my walls...
meeting new people
moshing (who doesnt love it?)
learning Japanese
and many other things

My hereos

Gerard Way


Do i really need a reason?
this man is fucking amazing.
(and just a bit hot to) but either way
hes been through shit like i have
hes living his dreams like i want to.
This guy is my hereo.

I cant imagine my life without him,


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