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[Because my heart is in] Ohio

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Music is life.

To mainstream society, 'music' is no longer a way to express your feelings and help others. It talks about body parts. Why? I have no fucking clue. 'Music' is a beat with talking over it now. THAT ISN'T MUSIC. People can't identify what is music much longer. WHY!? I don't know.

Music is my life. I won't fall into all of that mainstream SHIT. I'm proud to say I don't listen to hip-hop or rap and turn away with disgust. I'm proud to say that I listen to emotions and feelings, music created from the heart, if its screaming or a sad guitar and low voice. And I'm not going to walk away from it.

I <3 My Wifeys.


Now;; Some Shiz About Me.

~I was a cutter.
~I've stopped now and have counseling. Which sucks.
~I play the violin
~I play guitar.
~I have an electric Fender Squier Stratocaster. Its black with a white plate, three pickups. His name is Robby. Sheah.
~I'm in a band called Slightly Dead.
~I am normally isolated, but sometimes I need company.
~I hated life. But now I have a better perspective on it.
~I was suicidal for a long time. But now I'm pretty much over it.
~I love vampires. RAWR! *bites*
~My favorite colour is black. Or red.
~I really don't hate life anymore. Only sometimes.
~I still don't like eating though. Only skittles!!!!
~I want to dye my hair black.
~My parents won't let me.
~My life is pretty damn boring. Yuppers
~My parents think I'm perfect... and they would like to believe that I think god is real. Psh.
~I've never been to a concert in my life. Sad, huh?
~But I might be going to Taste Of Chaos in March.
~Screamo music calms me. Don't ask me why, either.
~I can actually fall asleep to it.
~I like emo guys.
~They're hot.
~Especially when they're making out with other emo guys.
~ I am a vegetarian.
~If you hate me I don't care.
~I'm my own person and fucking proud of it too.
~Just because I'm depressed a lot doesn't give you a reason to hate me.
~I can be happy. I'm happy more often than I'm depressed.
~Just ask my friends.
~I'm in love with guys that don't know I exist.
~I'm really random. Like, really really REALLY random. Yeah. And I say 'eh' a lot.
~And now because of that, Devon will say I'm Canadian... -shakes head- I'M NOT FECKING CANADIAN, DDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
~-cough- Imma done. Maybe. Probably not....
~My life isn't intresting.
~ My dad had an 'fro when he was young. And that just creeps me out.
~People worry about me.
~ I'm am NOT a homophobe. Infact, three of my family members are gay and two of my best friends are bi.
~Don't think I'll judge you because of your sexuality.
~I give people hugs lots. It's fun to give them out. Because others will love you. <3
~Sometimes I think its better to not be noticed at times.
~ If you PM me, that'd be nice. I'd probably like you.
~I'm weird like that, I guess....
~ One day I saw a dancing squirrel outside my window.
~I'm not joking.
~ This is why my friends think I'm on drugs.

"Guys treat friendships like footballs, they kick it around while girls take it seriously and get shattered."~ My friend, Molly. Love ya, girl.<3

These are my one and a half stories:
Snapped Guitar Strings And Broken Hearts(Mibba) INO link
My first story, that I'm still in the process of writing. I have no idea when it'll end...
Skittles and Converses(Mibba)
My second story. Its a joint with Megbot, who is my bestest friend and wifey.


*Three Days Grace*
*From First To Last*
Bullet For My Valentine
*My Chemical Romance [der]*
Hawthorne Heights
*The Used*
Greeley Estates
*Norma Jean*
Good Charlotte
*Green Day*
Panic! At The Disco
*Fall Out Boy*
A Static Lullaby
The Human Abstract
*Avenged Sevonfold*
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Plain White T's
30 Seconds To Mars
*Blue October*
Ima Robot
*Over It*
Shiny Toy Guns
*Blood Lined Calligraphy*
*Senses Fail*
Armor For Sleep
*Matchbox Romance*
System Of A Down
*Story Of The Year*
White Stripes
~And a whole bunches of others. But I have problems and can't seem to remember them... hmmm.... (I blame my mom. She has short term memory loss)

Mah Extremely Lufflely Friends
Devon (Dds, Megbot, Dd)
Mew (Rai)
Brittany (Brittany number 1)
~ If I forgot you, I'm sorry. Having a moment.... these are in no particular order though. I love all my friends dearly. And for the people in my school, when I say Tyler I'm not talking about blonde Tyler or hot emo Tyler on my bus. So yeah.

Inside Jokes xD

CAMERAS!!!!!!!!!!!! (Mew)
Chocolate syrup...and skittles....(Devon and or Mew)
Bitch you stole my pancakes (Mew)
Brooke is a man whoooore (Mew)
Skittles bring everyone together (Devon)
Barns...are interesting....(Devon)
Sticks (Devon)
iTunes and lollipops (Mew)
Midgets with handcuffs (Mew)

If you read this you're probably extremely bored. And I love you for that! Woo! Have a...cookie.... or some skittles. Your choice. Very Happy


  • i_luv_gerard12

    wooooow brit. you werent lying when you said your random.

    i_luv_gerard12, March 13th, 2008 at 04:48:34pm

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