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Dani :D

Dani :D

Member since November 1st, 2006


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I'm Dani, I'm Sixteen Years Old, From England!
I Am Really Short, I Have Blonde Hair And Blue Eyes!
I Get Called Emo.. Just By The Way I Look. For The Record I'm Not Emo. I Don't Agree In Labelling People.
I Hate Two-Faced People, So If You Have Something To Say To Me, Please Say It To Me!
But On The Whole I Am A Nice Person, And I Can Get On With Anybody!
So If You Wanna Talk To Me, Please Do!
I Am Very Talkative, And I Can Sometimes Blabber On And On, So If I Annoy You Please Tell Me!
I Like To Listen To Music, Like All The Time!
I Mainly Listen To My Chemical Romance ( Of Course ) But I Do Listen To Other Good Bands Aswell.
I Started Getting Into Them When I Heared And Saw The Video For Helena.
Since Then I Have Become A Huge Fan!!
I Love Gerard Way To Peices, And If Anything Happened To Him, I Dunno What I Would Do! I Would Probaly Do Something Crazy, Lol I Know That Sounds Wierd!
I Did Have This Boy At School Who Looked Like Him.. That Was The Only Reason Why I Liked Going In Lol.
I Am A Fan Of 'Frerard'. The Two Of Them Look So Cute Together. But Lets Face It.. It Aint Gonna Happen.
I Hate Chavs And Homophobes. Chavs Get On My Nerves Thinking They Are Gods Gift All The Fucking Time. Homophobes I Think You Are Perthetic If Anyone Sees One Tell Them From Me To Get A Life!
People Who Judge People For What They Look Like Are Fucking Dicks. Never Judge Someone For What They Look Like Because Undernethe They Could Be The Most Kidest Person Ever!
So Yeah If You Wanna Talk To Me, You Can Add Me On Here, If You Have Msn You Can Add Me On There, My Addy Will Come Up When You Click On My Name, And The Same For My Space!
If You Don't Like The Way I Am, Then Fine. Don't Talk To Me!
Well... That's All I Can Think Of At The Minute!
If You Have Any Questions, Or You Just Wanna Know More About Me, Then Just Ask.. I Don't Bite!!


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