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The saint sinner

The saint sinner
Aucks, NZ

Member since November 16th, 2006



* I'm Lyle
* I'm a Libran
* I like spinach....a lot (random, but oh well XD)
* I play piano/keyboard, and I'll soon learn to play guitar
* Music is my second religion
* I practise being 'Straight edged', but don't go round drawing crosses on my hands. Its nothing to brag about.
* I think being 'emo' is a load of bullshit. I also think being labelled 'emo' is pathetic. Since when was an 'How to be emo and how to dress like one too' bible published? Not intended for any of you guys on this site, but gone are the days when people got together for the music, and not for the whole 'scene'. Nowadays I see shitloads of kids trying to take on 'being emo' and depressed and crap, like its some kind of trend, made just to fit in. Sad, really.
* I love art and everything to do with it.
* Even though my favourite band is Avenged Sevenfold, I'm in love with MCR too!!
* Gay people are really I've found out.
And...I'm out.


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