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isabella cullen.

isabella cullen.

Member since November 17th, 2006


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i'm faye. i'm 15 and i live in a hellhole called dudley, england. i am opinionated and very sarcastic. i can be hyde one minute and jekyll the other. i have had a lot of shit in my life thanks to bullies. my heroes include: my mother, my sister, my chemical romance and fall out boy, they mean so much to me and have helped me through every turn and twist in my life and i thank them for it. i am afraid of the dark, clowns, birds, heights and fire. call me a scaredy cat but we are all afraid of something. i love 80's music. i hate my blonde hair and i wish it was black. i live in a monochrome world and how i hate it. i would love to be under the rainbow.i live for musicals, and i so wanna be in one. especially grease or hairspray. i adore the actor john travolta, he is like my hero.

fall out boy

my friends.
she has been there for me since yr 7 and i thank her for being my best friend. we are completely different but the same. guess you can call it opposites attract. mess with her, you mess with me. and you'll regret it. she makes me laugh by how random she can be, but can be so serious. she has helped me through so much, and i love her for it. she is like a sister more than a best friend. thank you lisa, thank you. ily


  • Xxhopeless_heartsxX

    haha go on here- /

    i think you will find it erm... interesting to say the least, that is at the bottom of the page....

    *time elapse- after you looked*

    SEE, SEEEEEEEE how much i must love you cus i saw that and tought of yooooou....


    Xxhopeless_heartsxX, September 5th, 2007 at 10:54:22am

  • Xxhopeless_heartsxX

    *sniffle* right back at you honey.
    lets hope we dont have any stupid arguements lol!!!!!!
    how are you anyway, im in P.S.H.E atm she gave us
    free time. woopie doo.... (sarcasm is osm isnt it)

    teehee im bored...
    love ya faye

    Xxhopeless_heartsxX, September 5th, 2007 at 10:34:20am

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