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Melbourne, Australia

Member since November 18th, 2006


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(x) i am asian. and proud. i cannot change who i am.
(x) music is my life. if i didn't have music, i would've long killed myself... seriously.
(x) i'm impatient, though i rarely loose my temper
(x) i have glasses which i should be wearing all the time but i don’t wear them unless i have to.
(x)i obsess
(x) anna is my bestest friend fucking ever. <33 i have fucking been to the moon and back with her.
(x) i am not beautiful, pretty or cute.
(x) i’m 165cm (5”5)
(x) i’m a touch underweight though i can’t bring myself to believe it. no matter what i do i always think i should loose weight.
(x the internet is my life
(x) i feel alone even when i have friends around me
(x) i’m a sunset and not a sunrise person
(x) i am the best liar.
(x) i hate talking about my ‘feelings’
(x) homophobes, racists and sexists annoy me.
(x) i’m told i act much older than i really am
(x) photoshop is one of my few friends x)
(x) i play the violin. the piano. the guitar. and i sing classical/opera music.
(x) i am very for women’s rights. i am no hardcore feminist though.
(x) lotr is the best movie ever. best book too.
(x) the beach is my favourite place on the earth. i love to sit on the sand and watch the waves in the wintertime.
(x) i <3 the sims.
(x) i think that living by rules is not living.
(x) i eat so much yoghurt that if you cut my skin open, i’d bleed yoghurt instead of blood
(x) i am not a sports person. the only sport i’m relatively good at is badminton, but that’s because it’s the no. 1 asian sport
(x) i always assume the worst in people.
(x) i am paranoid
(x) the first band i ever saw was green day.
(x) my favourite band ever is my chemical romance.
(x) i have an older sister and a younger brother.
(x) i don’t judge people by their academic marks. some of the most famous and important people in the world never finished high school.
(x) majority of people generally don’t like me and the ones that do get pushed away

that’s all for now kiddos.


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