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little miss my chem

little miss my chem
la la land with gerard

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my name is artemis and my favorite band is my chemical romance. i love them so much and they are my heroes. im not a teenie, but i do think gerard way is the hottest thing to ever live on the planet and i love him♥ i love to dance(like nobody is watching...cuz i, i love drawing and photography, and i love to laugh...ALOT. music is my life and when i listen to mcr i feel beautiful. i am VERY random. i love skittles!!! they are so pretty and rainbowy!!! i like to make up my own words and say them in real life and see how people react. me and my wonderful supahtwin haley(Dorkle.) made a "vocabulator" for all of the words we make up. people love my evil laugh *MUAHhaheehoohaheehoo* lmao. the first movie i ever saw was nightmare before christmas and i love it along with rocky horror picture show and aristocats(i love cats) : D topaz smiley is the smexy-est smiey ever!!! i love my wifey and my supahtwin ♥ i love rainbows and i love the rain. my favorite colors are ♥ and march 13 was the best day of my life because i got to see my heroes. im all that and a bag of skittles. jk.
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picture i took on the way back from the MCR concert:

ooiluvmcrxx: i dont think parents like anyone that much
ooiluvmcrxx: i think they are more emo then us
blackparade516: haha
blackparade516: probably true
ooiluvmcrxx: i think THEY think that the world is out to screw them over
^omg. i love you haley.

/ `---___________----_____|]
), ---.(_(__) /
// (..) ), ----"


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