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Niketa Kitten

Member since November 24th, 2006



Yo yo yo. Brap! My name is Niketa Kitten and ... I don't like MCR that much, they're annoying. I'm just on here for friends because I have none in real life because everybody finds me annoying. I get bullied at school, I take drugs to take the pain away and my mum beats me every night after she's had a bit of a drink.

The doctor said I should live in a Mental Health Home, he said it would help with my schitzophrenia, but when they tried to kidnap me, I kicked the guys in the ball and tried to rape him. Mum helped.

My interests are finding young boys to give pleasure to, insecity is my favourtite game and ... well that's it! Apart from drugs, getting beat by Mum and running from the Scoial Workers, that's it!

Other than that, life's pretty cool.

Wanna be my friend? I would appreciate it so so so much ...


  • ChildVision

    There are lots of places to go on the internet to get friends, this is a place sepifically for MCR fans, if your not one, then i suggest a myspace. We dont need people bashing our boys and still having a Screen name like 'Can i f*ck gerard' thats inapropriate and annoying.

    ChildVision, November 4th, 2007 at 11:38:01pm

  • dom howard.


    dom howard., November 2nd, 2007 at 08:53:40pm

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