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Even if I knew I wouldn't tell

Member since December 3rd, 2006



What? About me? Hmm... well I'm me.... Yep. I have a gsb account too. Sooooo add me *he_came_aound* YAY!! I'm a spaz so get used to it... I'm not a mean person but I can be snappy....I pretty much live off the computer and my cell phone. I'm sure some of you are on gsb too... yeah I'm social... I have two dirtbikes, one four wheeler and a three wheeler. I totally support gay marriage (as i put on GSB blah blah blah). My favorite show is Beavis and Butthead... second favorite is Grounded For Life. I'm currently in love with the band Nirvana... and their totally hot [and dead] lead singer Kurt Cobain. My room is covered in Green Day, Nirvana, MCR, and P!ATD posters. It rocks. I have a puppy named Leigh-Leigh (it's weird I know but I was seven when I named her...). She's teh shit. My bestest friend ever is Melanie. She's also teh shit. My favorite movie is Titanic [I know that sounds weird but chyeah]. My favorite sports are soccer and softball [MVP in softball, sometimes]. My life is boring.... B-O-R-I-N-G. I love EVERBODY; and by everybody I mean every single person. There is something good in everyone. I love being random and I love random people. Random fact: I hate white milk and chocolate milk makes me hyper. Ok this is getting long sooooo that's all!!



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