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julia (iam not stupid)
now wouldnt you like to know

Member since December 12th, 2006



my fic.. read!

my names julia and my lover is gerard.
my hands look like there dead most of the time
my best friend likes mcr too
i dont have an ipod *cry*sobb*
i dont think god can help me so i control my destiny
i dont spell very well
i breathed gerard second hand smoke in my lungs... betcha cant say that about your self!! (besides haley)
i wear 12 bracelets most of the time and iam too lazy to take them off
i named my macbook gerard >> even though its white and he wears black, i guess its gerard for his hair and skin,,, naked!!
i go to a school that looks like tri colored pasta
music = life >> to me at least
gerard is a sexy beast in my eyes and i like his new hair
i have many pics of him w/ his hands down his pants
i have an mcr shirt bag and home made things
i wish i had a button maker
i blame my parents for not haveing me earlier so i could be in gerards league.
i want to go back to nyc and take all my things near and dear to my heart (friends and other)
I am destined to hug gerard ( and dont you forget it!

my blurbs...
HALF OF MY MIDDLE SCHOOL LIFE OVER!!!!! 1 and a 1/2 years!!!!
I am sad..... not really! i cant wait to get out of this heavan hole!!!! ya ryan is a jackass and someguy asked me out as a joke.i handed out candycanes to all my friends and kicks to the prep boys that stak me all the time. . {he he } i brought my little candy helper meese ( how gerard says moose) and put the canes on his antlers (aww how cute) iam gona put a pic of him on here soon but iam on a school computer at the moment... i was informed that my uncel is dieing yesterday and i am a little depressed
Sad i mean youve gota love a guy called hilbo!!.... haley found out that shes getting the black mac book yesterday and wont shut up about it, i already got mine buts its white cuz i wanted to name it gerard and though it would be cool if he was naked to gerard white mac white or something like that.... my gma is comeing today and this friend of my dads that i dont kno.. my mom said that my gma said that seeing me is the last thing that brings joy to her life..... i kno i am such a death obbessed angel!! and the guys whos comeing that i dont kno will arive at 12 and night cuzs hes driving here and i have to wait till he gets here and show him his room and ask him if he needs anything and blah blah blah!!!!! i really dont want to Sad .. in 4th hour today we had a cleaning party and had cider which i spilled all over my self and i look like i peed myself .. i just glad that my friends still love me... that concludes my boring day not like anyone is gona read this Sad o well i have to many stakers as it is ;0
xoxo julia ;p
dec 22 o ya and my tummy hurts!! grrrr i wish i had a quater there were 2 airheads in one slot;(

sunday december 24,
hi! its 11;06 and i am super punchey soo ill be here for awhile. Nothing super good today. i woke up at 11 and went to the movies with my mom dad brother and my dads friend. haley came too. before haley came i was waiting for her infront of urban outfitters. not my fav store but its the biggest store in the complex e-zest place to meet and this guy comes and sits next to me asks if he can sit there, i say sure and then he asks if he can smoke and i just sit ther. then he starts looking for his lighter and takes out this address book that says my bitches. he asks if i wanted to put my name and number in the book and i fake that someone just texed me and run away, i great example of what bad crack dose to you! then haley arives and my parents go to ther movie wit hmy brother and his friend. me and haley walk around and go to the candy store and the art place. we start blurting out what we think about each painting and makeing the lady look at us funny. then we go to the movie place and play a round of DDR iam still on beginer but iam getting better. we see the movie "THE HOLIDAY" about some heart broken girls that d a house swap and fall in love. it was very good, 2 thumbs up if you like that type of romance funny movie. then we went to the sport grill and ate. i went and droped off haley and got to see her autographed pic from the whole band. it is AWESOME!!! then i went home and am talking to haley at the moment g2g love ya xox julia

monday 10:38 x-mas (12-25-06)
i finaly fell asleep at 2am. i woke up at 8 (i really dont know why) and call haley, she dosnt pick up ;( so i go on line and search around and download a rew more mcr songs on my new labtop. haley ims me and we chat about her getting her macbook
i talked to sarah a little and added a chapter to my fic (hope you like it) pretty boring half of the day lol bie bie
its 6:11now and haley got her macbook!! told ya haley! whooaa in your face! be happy=) i watched tv and painted a ladder for my mom i had many snacks ......... i am getting an mp3!!! i cant wait i really like it! i dont feel like describeing it so i copyed it in here:

Our Price: $79.99
SanDisk Sansa c240 1GB* MP3 Player and Image Viewer - Black
Model: SDMX7-1024-A18
Bring all your favorite tunes and pictures along with this MP3 player. The microSD slot lets you add additional storage capacity.
i like it,,, its special! unlike all the vertical ipods and fancy pants stuff the one iam getting is horizontal!! bet you cant say that about your ipod! (this is my way of hiding my jellousness) but i really do like it, and iam getting it tomara! i cant wait. my mom is cooking at the moment and iam at the point of iceage were you want to cry ;( i like the rain. its raining right now its very zen ish and calming.*ahhh* we are haveing a newyears party thinger on friday and just finished makeing these really good cookies. i have a new fav thing! it just came to me.... PAI_Ise like the pause sign is II well pause is a cool word even though i dont like it with music. i love my uncel and neghbor for makeing my mp3 come true! i got a 50 buck debit from uncel timmy and a best buy card from my neghbor.that completes my dayle blabering but i might be on later... peas out my homei gee!


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