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Drowning Lessons

Drowning Lessons
It's all in the mind, love.

Member since December 23rd, 2006


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Vulgarly Awkward


Sister, I'm not much of a poet ImageImageImage

(lolz, my feets.)-------V

Pokemon is the S-H-I-T.

I'm a EIGHTEEN year old girl named Brittany.

Let me tell you now:
If you are:
1) Homophobic
2) Racist
3) Knocking my opionion without hearing me out
4) Judging me by rumors or the way I dress

Then we may not get along to well...

I'm trying really hard to pursue my dreams, becoming a lead singer in a band.I highly doubt it'll happen, but I can certainly dream.

I am the BIGGEST camera whore.

I have the mentality of a five year old! I'm super immature.

I won't bite, I'm just a little shy is all. You can talk to me, I'm pretty chill. <3

I am a

and currently
to an amazing girl. <3

I'm not bragging, I'm just proud.

If it's not your thing, I don't give a damn.
I'm not asking you to like me.

Generally, my interests:


Drawing, singing, music in general, making fun of ugly people, Gerard Way, friends, thrifting, pretending I can do things that I can't, falling over myself, being an ass all around, saying sorry too much, paranoia, playing instruments and failing every time, hating my voice, dying hair, pirate-ship-ifying, getting walked in on, going against what's wrong or discriminatory, Day of Silence, hugging strangers, hating who I used to be, happiness, Free Hug Day, having unrealistic dreams, acting like a 5-year-old, getting overly excited about everything, saying I'm gonna quit when I know I'm not, not telling the whole truth, writing terrible songs, laughing when fat people fall, always taking things to heart, envy, hating Jenkintown, not getting along with anyone, make-believing I have talent, wishing people would stop honking at me on the streets, flipping people off for honking at me on the streets, things that look dirty but aren't, the Quickie Monster, reassurance that I don't have herpies, being a pervert, taking things the wrong way, being a head-case, random bursts of self-esteem, not being alone down there, hopeless romanticism, meeting random people online, obnoxiousness, nostalgia, making up words, pickiness, Pokemon, being a loser, quoting songs when I think of it, getting followed home from concerts without realizing it, talking on the phone in the wee hours of the morning, Mr. Man, spontanious dancing,

Things I'm totally NOT into (Some may be repeated from my interests):

My voice, getting honked at by creepy dudes, Ms. Surkin, my low self-esteem, being emo, people who judge by labels, insomnia, homophobia, racism, being told I have a weird asain thing (haha!!), rap, hip-hop, sluts, big words that could be sentences on their own, Jenkintown PA, people who are assholes, my weight, the urge to always say I'm sorry, people who pretend to know me, psuedo-friends, most of my ex-boyfriends, being talked down to, being treated stupid, most

Made by Me.

Made by Me.

My heros:
My Chemical Romance. I owe my life to them. I'm not one of those "OMG GEE IS MCR! THE REST OF THE GUYS SUCKZ. LOLZ." (read below)
John Lennon. He's such an inspiration, and was killed for his ideals of world peace. It's such a shame...

Love Me, Hate Me, I STILL Love My Chemical Romance ImageImageImage

There is just something about them...when they're live, you can just feel the passion screaming with every note sung, chord blared, cymbil crashed. They're this band that just saves you, takes you away. They move you, you feel passion, and are lost in the music. The relate. They tell you how it's completely fine being yourself, fuck what people say. They change you, they move you, the save you...Some of the things they say and do...they've changed a generation. We know it's alright. We know we can make it. We know our dreams can come true if we keep at them.

They saved my life. They changed it for the better. And they know, without even knowing they know, because it's me, and a million million other kids out there who feel the same.


And you can't keep my friends Image Image Image

Joce on the right. One of three extremely close best friends. <3

Nancy on the left. Love her muchly. Numero dos of three best friends. <3 <3

My all-time best friend for life, Lauryn, on the left (clearly, third of my trio of friends). That chick pulled me through so much shit, I can't even tell you how thankful I am. I'm so glad she and I can still be friends, even though she moved 45 minutes away. Gah...I can't even begin to explain how amazing she is as a person. She and I will always be best friends. Much love to her. <3333

Spend the rest of your days ROCKING out ImageImageImage

My Chemical Romance
The Dresden Dolls
Neutral Milk Hotel
The Beatles
Green Day
Dragon Force
Elvis Costello
The Clash
Spice Girls (Haha, I'm serious, too!)
The Ramones
The Cure
Basement Jaxx
Frank Sinatra
Dean Martin
Franz Ferdinand
The Killers
Marilyn Manson
The Misfits
No Doubt
The Unicorns
Rise Against
Dir en Grey
Amy Winehouse
Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer
Gogol Bordello
The Aquabats
The Horrorpops
The Paperchase
Alice in Chains
Modest Mouse
Of Montreal
Alkaline Trio
The Transit War
Lullatone (If you don't like Pajama Pop, get outta here.)

I'm writing this letter and wishing you
well ImageImageImage

1) My Myspace. (Sorry, my myspace is dead.)

2) AIM: Vulgarly Awkward [[is subject to change without warning. x33]]

3) E-Mail & MSN thing-

4) Facebook.

Save me!
(Too young to die and my dear, if you can hear me then save me!)

"This is a band that will save your life." - Frank Iero

"There's been a lot of writing, here and overseas, about some 'emo deathcult.'...MCR has never encouraged you do ANYTHING but be yourself." -Gerard Way

"We want you to stay the exact fucking way you are!!"
-Gerard Way (a speech on emo)

"Hey girls, you're beautiful. Don't look at those stupid magazines with stick like models. Eat healthy and exercise. That's all. Don't let anyone tell you you're not good enough. You are good enough, you are too good. Love your family with all your heart and listen to it. You are gorgeous, whether you're a size 3 or a size 14. It doesn't matter what you look like on the outside, as long as you're a good person, as long as you respect others. I know it's been told hundreds of times before, but it's true. Hey girls, you are beautiful."
-Gerard Way

"When we first started out I had a really big issue and a lot of my loved ones had a really big issue with the fact that I was totally in pain up there and there was a time when I tried to hurt myself off stage, but I got over that. Like, you should never want to hurt yourself. You should love yourself. Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself and become a new person and I think that that is going to be a lot of what the next record is about, not to plug it or anything. Like, it's going to talk about dying and coming back to become what you totally want to become. We are all becoming what we want to become."
-Gerard Way



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    You know...Death.

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    Gerard and his Reds


  • Please Die !

    hello again =]
    long time no talk on here huh ??!
    loll what's been up ?
    see ya xx. chris

    Please Die !, September 26th, 2007 at 05:51:19am

  • living is easy

    haha thanks ^_^

    living is easy, September 1st, 2007 at 07:03:14pm

  • living is easy

    dude. I like your profile.
    heehee pokemon is amazing.
    *pokemon dance*

    living is easy, August 30th, 2007 at 03:35:53am

  • Please Die !

    hey ^^ love the profile really nice =] what's been up !!? see ya xx. chris

    Please Die !, August 29th, 2007 at 05:06:20am

  • Helena and Hearts

    absolutly wow.

    Helena and Hearts, August 26th, 2007 at 10:45:49pm

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