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ShenzZa Blackz
Sydney Australia.

Member since December 30th, 2006



Heeello Everyone Who Has Stepped Onto My Profile/ Page.
My Name Is Sheena also Known as ShenzZa.
I Have Dark Brown Eyes with Dark Purple and Burgandy Hair.
Ok Enough With The Boring Stuff...=]

I like to yell and scream
Im hyper active, shy, quirky and loud.
Dont ask me how thats possible all at once =]
I like romance
I tend to be totally random.
I appericate all the little things people do for me.
I play Bass. i think it's the most beautiful instrument ever.

I love my friends to bits. i'd do anything for them.
Swearing is fun!

i like to use the word "Cunt" =]

Getting in trolleys is fun.
I like to make new friends.
I'm quite friendly once you get to know me.
I love photoshop it's a great pass time.

I dont use contact lensors, foundation or face whitening powders.
I dont belive i need them.
I dont do drugs or smoke.
I dont care what people have to say about me.
No im not Perfect like you are.
I'm Me. Dont Like it. Go Away..

Smash the government; Smash the state;
You feed the system;
You claim to hate.

"Take my hand now, We'll run forever"
"you're one with me,Will you run with me?"

I WANT To Taste You, But Your Lipz Are Venomous Poison.


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