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Trudi Romance
england, hastings

Member since January 13th, 2007


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UNDERCONSTRUCTION so bear with me Smile

I am also know as BeeGrillz, Cool as my amazing neice Bling-Butt call me! together we are the BRAPNESS CREW! and we own Bottom!!

My Chemical Romance are my Fucking life! theve done so much for me its unbelieveable,i know everyone says this but i want to say it again. without them i would still be a fucking twat.. i thought i did what i wanted but i just followed everyone else... theve given me fredom, im not afraid anymore to wear skinny jeans, or to wear all black and so much fucking eyeliner!i dont give a shit what people say about me anymore, i know im a good person and if they cant see that because all they can see is that im wearing black then i dont want to know them anyway. i cant explain how they make me feel, words just dont seem right... they give me something to live for when things get bad, i know they dont even know i exist, gah i cant explain it... im sure you all understand though... thank you MCR


proberly sound rele boring but im not i just never know wat to write in these things..... so if ya wanna chat add me or pm me!! always happy to chat, ermmm check out my piczo page and add me on myspace its okay over and out!

- This article said that people who listened to our music - they called you a cult. A CULT. And said we promote self harm and suicide. I am so sorry if any of you were hurt by hearing this. You all know it’s not true. We want you to live. We want to save your lives. You saved ours. We never want to let a single thing hurt any of you. And you should all
know…if you support are not a cult. You are a fucking ARMY - Gerard Way

i am an offical member of the We Have Corrupt Minds maffia Cool
im also in the starbuckia maffia(original captionette maffa!) Shifty
the uni-union Shifty

Girls For Guyliner!
Im the official designer! Cool
if you wish to see our flag please message me because it wont fit here! *mutters*

My INO Family:

All of us live in a big yellow submarine!and our surnames our romance!

Wifeys: Fritos and Ashley

Me and Fritos now have a baby called Stephinie Betty Venom!

Sisters: Uncle Jiggy and Hide My Face and Totale Finsternis

Sister-in-law: mosher slasher

My Daughters: Pandora (Kiss Me Goodbye) and Chemicaly_Romantic, And Shona!!

My Grandaughters: AlfterLifeOfTheParty

My Mummy!!!: Broken Angel

wooot big family! =D

i do have a family tree... but once again it wont fit *mutters more*

hhmmm more aout me.. well dont take me seriously lol! i make a joke out of most things Razz, i hate it when people say your opinion is wrong.. im like ITS MY OPINION!!! gah ,
MCR! (kinda obviouslySmile)
people chatting to me Smile
Red dwarf
Bottom (its a tv show)
30 seconds to mars
fallout boy
Good charlotte
green day
the offspring
blink 182
cute is what we aim for
I am ghost
enter shikari

- Fuck laces - Gerard Way

lily allen"$!"£%"$%&£%^*^*&($^
corrine baily rae $^%$&£$%^"
people who judge you before they know you
men who are arseholes
when people shot at you for no reason
being alone

- People look up to us. We should give them hope, empower them. I’m not afraid of that anymore. I’m going to embrace it and run with it. We’re going to give them something to believe in - Gerard Way


- 'people dont know weather im gay, straight, or space alien - Gerard Way



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