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Dunedin, New Zealand

Member since January 15th, 2007



Heyy im Rebecca. Im 16 and from New Zealand. My hobbies are listening to music, making videos for Bebo and Youtube, and weekends!.

Feel fully free to talk to meee!

I have licked Gerard Way. Not Gerard Way himself, but Gerard Way as in the street. Funnily enough someone had stolen the street signs lol, but we (fine, Nikole) found a bus stop with Gerard Way written on it and there is a photo of it in my photos. Smile

To watch me and my friends be retarded, search "The Adventures Of Random Rebecca" on Youtube or Bebo, thats the name of the series! There are sixteen episodes, but 6, 10, and 12 are the best. And episode 16 is by FAR the bestest everrrr, its a comedy remake of The Kill by 30STM by me and my friends. that is the URL!!! Mikey Way features in it on original footage captured on my camera!!! The vid got 100 views in A DAY. So watch it k, believe me it is awesome!! XD



My Chemical Romance

This is my bebo: add me if you have!

The other bands i like are From First To Last, Fall Out Boy, Hawthorne Heights, Pencey Prep, 30 Seconds To Mars, The Used, Takiung Back Sunday, System Of A Down, Leathermouth, Bullet For My Valentine, HIM, Evanescence, Breaking Benjamin Cute Is What We Aim For, Circa Survive, Coheed & Cambris, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Paramore etc...

I have played the drums horribly for 3 years.


^That is me and Ryan.

my msn is

December the 6th 2007 was my happiest moment EVER. Yes, that is the date of the MCR concert. Gerard looked at me! I thought I'd cry when they played Helena, but found i couldnt. In that moment everyhting was perfect. Cant wait to see them again!

I have a Mikey addiction

^Tis meeeee looking pissed off for some reason lol.
^Nikole, Kera, me. They are kool, they wear sunglasses inside just like Gerard!

I like reading fanfics!!

I might write one oneday.... maybe. Idn.


^That is me.

THINK ABOUT IT: (Okay I will!)

Why are things typed up but written down?

You can type down and write up if you want. There is no direction, its just people choose a word and now everyone uses that direction even though it doesnt mean anything.

Why do we say bye bye but not hi hi?

I usually just say bye. Sometimes i say hi hi. The point is, you can do whatever you want to do, the reason we all do it one way id coz we copy each other and it stuck that way. Hehh, Way... *laughs at hilarious and original pun*

Who tastes the dog food to know it has new and improved flavour?

Some desperate retard. And maybe dogs taste it. Mybe no one tastes it and it's just marketing. Its not like a human whould know if it tastes better to dogs. Generally in dog food industry, no one cares much what it tastes like as long as it is healthy.

If the speed of light is 1000,000 km/s, what is the speed of dark?

Light is an energy form, and hence has a speed. Dark is not a thing itself, it is merely anabsence of light. Nothingness is not and energy form and is not a thing itself but in fact an absence of thing. Therefore it has no speed.

If a word in the dictionary were misspelled, how would we know?

We would look up another dictionary. We would realise that if a dictionary said chemicaaal in stead of chemical or romuiyuyuance instead of romance then it was spelt long because we actually have brains and do not ned the obvious confirmed by a form of authority. If we were confused, yeah just check another dictionary or ask someone or google it.

I can answer all of life questions yeah. There was a poster with some of lifes questions along the same lines as these outside science last year and I answered them all. One was why dont sheep shrink when they get wet. Well duh although wool apparently shrinks when wet sheep do not coz although they have wool they are not 100% wool, they actually are made of flesh. Their wool might shrink a bit but maybe not as it is attatched to them and not spun or processed, but of course the sheep would not shink as they are not made of wool. What a stupid question.


^I didnt even mean to upload this one to photobucket lol, but it cracks me up so THAT is max. LOL!

MCR are basically in my mind always. They seem to be the purpose of my life, even though i have never met them. Everything i do and think can be related to MCR. I dont know what id do without them. I love them not only for the sound but the meaning. Some of the lyrics are so deep and honests its just amazing. i love the album themes and love it when you finially piece together another part of the puzzle and are closer to understaning more of what its about. I love how songs relate to each other and are interconnected. I love the strories behind songs. I love the metaphors and how you can always read deeper into it, how they can be writing a story but it can mean more than one thing. I love how so many people sinig the words but dont know what it means, but people like me understand perfectly. I hate how people say theyre emo, sellouts, just a band, just people, because if they understood everyhing about them they wouldnt think that. They're superheros!

.~[C U B I C L E S]~.


MCR didnt so much save my life as give it a purpose and something to care about. And without a purpose I would be wandering around with nothing to care about and there would be no point in anything. I honestly do not think I could survive without them. And friends. Take away music and friends and there would be nothing to care about and no reason to do anything. So yeah, MCR did save my life from being a big pile of MEHness.

It's the tearing sound of love notes drowning out these grey stained windows, and the view outside is sterile, and I'm only two cubes down. I'll photocopy all the things that we could be, if you took the time to notice me, but you can't now, I don't blame you, and its not yyour fault that no-one ever does.

You have NO idea how obsessed I am with the song CUBICLES!!!! It is my second favourite song by MCR. I DREAM about that song. Actually:

I had a dream that I was in a graveyard/orchard and it was dark and for school and everyone hated me and I was by myself and then it was night time randomly and I went down into the orchard to find people and I was running through the orchard/graveyard looking for people and I found them and we played a game where we sat in a tree, one of us on each branch. Everyone elses branches were close to the ground, but mine was higher than everyone elses and split off in opposite directions, and I was sitting on the split and they wanted to push me out of the tree for the game but I didnt want to coz I knew it was too high and I was scared, but one friend was pulling me off and then Max came along and said actually it probably is too high and April was like yeah so i climbed down safely. Then I was walking back to wherever I was before I went into the orchard/graveyard and everyone had ditched me and I was with this little kid and some adults and they didnt like me and I talked to the little kid anyway. Then there was a wall that girls had to climb over and stairs for boys and everyone else was male so they could climb the stairs but I had to clamber over the wall. Then there were stairs for me and a wall for everyone else. Then the friend that tried to pull me out of the tree came up to me and gave me our art project for next year, oamaru stone CUBES (cubicles) we were carving. TWO of them. (Two cubes down). She had began carving hers into a sphere, and I had been trying to carve mine and had pencil markings on it coz I had planned it out but it was a perfect cube, I couldnt carve it and i knew I never would be able to change it from a cube to a sphere, hence it would always be a cubicle.

The OTHER dream I had about cubicles was a few days after this one, I was typing "I think I'd love to die alone, live and breathe and die alone" into a typewriter lol, and the typewriter instructor came up behind me and was like "What would you do if it was Fiona's heard?" and I woke up and was like wtf??

My dreams are WEIRD.
The facials of the dude in the background are interesting ay. Though if I was that close to Mikey I would probably look something like that too lol.

I saw MCR live at the Vector Arena on December the 6th 2007. Best night of my entire life, when I was looking up at them singing along everything was perfect and I can't wait to see them again!


So long and goodnight!!


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  • Mr. Shaw

    We need to start using our INOs again!
    It's kind of, died.

    Much love,

    Mr. Shaw, May 31st, 2008 at 06:41:38pm

  • Mellisshh yeahhh?

    mmm, yum lollypop!

    i want one!

    Mellisshh yeahhh?, May 15th, 2008 at 01:13:31am

  • Mellisshh yeahhh?

    ll hi!

    im good you?


    Mellisshh yeahhh?, May 7th, 2008 at 12:25:08am

  • Mr. Shaw


    Christchurch tomorrow!
    I'm so excited!

    Mr. Shaw, April 19th, 2008 at 09:59:40pm

  • Mellisshh yeahhh?

    heya!, iv seen you around, on peoples profiles, so i thought id add you. =]


    Mellisshh yeahhh?, April 5th, 2008 at 10:19:36pm

  • WakeTheDead.

    thats awesome lol
    what kinda phone?
    and i just lost my new phone yesterday >.<
    so sad

    WakeTheDead., April 2nd, 2008 at 03:19:33pm

  • WakeTheDead.

    Im good lol
    and sry this is so late >.<
    hows you?

    WakeTheDead., March 24th, 2008 at 03:21:44pm

  • WakeTheDead.


    WakeTheDead., March 14th, 2008 at 03:31:53pm

  • the remembered one.

    on who's page?!

    the remembered one., March 12th, 2008 at 09:43:19pm

  • the remembered one.

    lol yeah i was confused... I had no idea what you were talking about haha

    the remembered one., March 10th, 2008 at 07:24:20pm

  • the remembered one.

    i have no idea what you are talking about... I am from connecticut usa..... lawlz

    the remembered one., March 4th, 2008 at 10:11:05am

  • Mr. Shaw

    I'm Ryan..


    Mr. Shaw, March 1st, 2008 at 01:42:28am

  • the remembered one.

    ryan? I am confused but anways nice to meet you... i'm Sierra =]

    the remembered one., February 28th, 2008 at 10:26:05pm

  • Colorado Sunrise.

    urrrmm lulz.
    urrmm so howw you do, errrmm
    as you can..umm..noticee, i'm all 'urrrmm'
    yourfriendmaxishottness URMMMM
    xD how you do, urrmmm, srsly??

    Colorado Sunrise., February 26th, 2008 at 10:59:29pm

  • Colorado Sunrise.

    interesting lulz.
    INO isnt something i really go on much now...i use other sites.

    Colorado Sunrise., February 21st, 2008 at 09:02:33pm

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