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  • Finnick Odair


    Finnick Odair, January 6th, 2012 at 04:06:22pm

  • Finnick Odair


    Finnick Odair, December 30th, 2011 at 05:09:05pm

  • Day Of The Dead

    That's totally alright :) I'm sorry I haven't replied sooner as well, been really busy lately :( so don't worry if you take ages to reply, I understand *hugs*

    She's three on Christmas day :) HAHA! XD Yeah, I can't handle too many kids. Really pisses me off when parents let their kids run all over the place when you're shopping -_- control your sprogs please!! Hehe yeah, I like looking after my cousins, because there's only two of them XD

    Oh my goodness, time does fly! Awwh, that sounds adorable, little kids are so cute (sometimes) Haha why Mimi? Awwh, she sounds so sweet ^_^

    Oh god really? That sounds horrible -_- Haha, I'd totally do the same. I don't really know anyone who likes group work. I mean, it's not bad all the time, just most of the time XD

    It was really cool. You should one day, or come to England, I'll be your tour guide :D That sucks =/ I think the economy for most is just sh*t now, it's great fun D: have you been to any different places in the states? I've never been to America.

    Hehe that's okay :) glad you had a good time though. I like hanging with friends on birthdays, it's really nice :) Ahh work, what's the job you have at the moment?

    Any luck on a full time job yet? That sounds like such a cool idea! You could probably do that over the internet too I guess? Awh that sucks, but at least you can do it next year :D I've been okay thanks. Started my new course which is actually awesome. It's run by a touring company and they employ people straight from the course, so it's kinds like a year long interview XD we get to do work experience running a gig every month and just help the rest of the academy out by organising their shows and stuff :)

    How are you? :3

    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x <3

    Day Of The Dead, October 11th, 2011 at 03:24:26pm

  • Finnick Odair


    Lmao I'm kidding it was brilliant, and so are you <33 thanks bb, even though FUQ U I'M NOT OLD. I STILL PLAY WITH ALLIGATOR BARBIES~

    It's my birthday, so where the f*ck are you? I got tickets for Gypsy Lube D:


    Finnick Odair, August 14th, 2011 at 05:03:34am

  • Day Of The Dead

    Haha that's totally cool! I understand, I do the same XD

    Hehe awesome! I think someone from London on it is organising a party to celebrate mcr being together 10 years this year, should be cool!

    Oh man really? That's so sucky! It annoys me when people don't respond. Even if he's busy and stuff I'm sure he can take like, 5 minutes to respond because that's just rude D: I hope another opportunity like that comes up for you though :)

    Baaaah those kinda people are really annoying, they are so rude and kinda scary when you run into them at night D: haha awwh, that sounds irritating but adorable at the same time! My cousin's have just adopted a little girl and she's so good! She hardly ever cries or gets stroppy, it's weird! She likes to clean a fair amount. They came over the other day and she took all the cups to the kitchen. All I could see over the table was a floating cup XD

    It was a pain in the arse to finish, everything went so terrible at the last moment. I had to talk to my teacher and explain because I didn't want to fail because of someone else's mistakes and laziness! I agree, group projects are annoying as hell! I know it's all about co-operating with other people and working together, but I swear, some people just TRY and make it difficult for everyone else! I like doing projects by myself, I'm such a loner at college XD haha that's always the case, end up always doing the stuff you hate the most!

    I've been okay thanks, having a quite busy summer! Went camping with my boyfriend, friends and his family. Also worked at Guilfest-basically a festival held where I go to uni, that was pretty cool :) I also came back from France yesterday day after having a three day holiday there. The weather was pretty shocking but I did go to the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre :D yeah I did manage to go back to that job, which was good because I no have no money!

    Well, at least you have something while you're looking :) money is money I guess. I'm sure someone will and I hope it happens soon! Awh that sounds quite nice! Wish it was hot over here. D: hehe. How are you? How's your little neice? :)

    And also, hope you had a happy birthday! <3

    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x <3

    Day Of The Dead, July 30th, 2011 at 05:22:26pm

  • Finnick Odair

    Haha, you're welcome! =D I'm sorry but Johnny McAvoy is mine. But you can have some cake! *troll face* XD <3

    Finnick Odair, July 11th, 2011 at 12:36:01pm

  • Finnick Odair


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you're having a fantastic day m'dear, filled with all things Tim Burton, Helena BC and Johnny McAvoy.

    Never forget that you are a Chinese orange with astro boobs, okay?! XD In all things srs though~ I'm glad I met you and you deserve the best birthday :3 Love from Lungs xx

    Finnick Odair, July 11th, 2011 at 06:17:18am

  • Day Of The Dead

    Ahh cool. Yeah, the people there are really nice and pretty helpfull =]

    Awh that's kinda crappy =/ nag him until he talks to them haha! Yeah, and that does sound like a really cool thing to do! I can't wait to start working in the music industry =]

    Yeah, the town I live by is kinda chavvy >.< wow really? I wish they did that in this country D: Sometimes you hear stories about kids taking it way too far and pulling a knife on someone over something really stupid and trivial, it's scary! Haha I'm sure most young kids are like that, my little cousin is a pain in the butt sometimes because she wants her own way. But at least she stops when she knows it's annoying you :D

    It was epic times XD Awh that's so awesome. I wish they could play small venues again. Same here, I love how it feels when a band you love plays a tiny venue. Haha that's a reall cute song! I recognized you in the picture the video has before you press play XD looks so cool!

    Yeah, especially when it's people you don't know too well and trust D: Yeah it was pretty cool. It did get done but it was the most annoying thing ever! No one had recorded anything and this one guy in the group, who is a total control freak/egotistic twat, made us use his song. We didn't mind because it was that or nothing really =/ but he was such an arse about it. I'm glad we don't have to talk again! And I've actually finished now! We officially finish on the 10th but we only had one exam on the 1st and don't need to go back in :D

    Oh wow, that's really great! What was the job for and did she get back to you at all? I hope it all works out for you too :)

    Nope, not much luck with that. I live in the middle of nowhere so it's really difficult. Hehe it really is annoying! D: I can however go back to my summer job soon though which is cool :)

    Ahh cool cool :D hanging with friends is great fun when there's nothing to do hehe. Always beter being bored with someone else XD Haha yeah, I miss going in everyday. Now it's like 'what do I do today? :S' haha

    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x <3

    Day Of The Dead, June 3rd, 2011 at 02:31:34pm

  • A Link to my Heart

    How're you?

    A Link to my Heart, May 27th, 2011 at 12:26:47pm

  • A Link to my Heart

    Hi. :DDD

    A Link to my Heart, May 26th, 2011 at 11:14:42pm

  • Day Of The Dead

    Yeah totally! Everyone is so nice and stuff =] Have you been on the new MCRmy forum? There's a lot of people on there, but some are really supportive and friendly too =]

    Oh wow, that's a good start! That's so awesome that your dad was in bands when he was younger. It's always good to have people to talk to who already know what it's like hehe. All of my teachers have been in the music business for some time, so it's very handy XD hope it goes well! Haha awesome, I hope it's not too expensive too! Have you done it yet?

    I know, no one knew what to say. It was like, where the hell did she learn that?! Haha awwh that sounds so adorable! Haha I love little kids being cute. However, I don't like the little kids around town. They are so rude! They start shouting and swearing at you, saying words I didn't even know existed at that age. It's terrible! D:

    Hehe that's the funny thing, the venue is so damn small! Kinda similar to when MCR used to play small clubs and stuff. But yeah, it was so much fun! Ahh that's so cool, I'm damn excited for you! Not long to go now hehe =D ahh sounds cool! They had to do loads of takes at the Planetary shoot. Pretty sure we heard that song about 10 times! Ohh yeah please, that would be awesome!

    Oh yeah! Well, I'm nearly finished on two other pieces, in the middle of another and the other two, I'm not even sure. We have to record a song with a band in a group, but it's annoying as I can't get hold of any of the people in my group >.< it's getting quite stressful, but hey, only one month left!

    That's really great to hear. It's great to have a therapist that can make you see all the good things in your life instead of focusing on the things going wrong. That's my major downfall XD how's the job hunting going?

    I've been okay thanks. Been looking for a part time job recently. All of them seem to involve carrying things which I can't do very well. I have tendinitis in one of my wrists and they are both pretty weak, so it makes carrying anything difficult D: I finish my current course on the 10th June. Seems so weird, feels like I only started a week ago! How are you?

    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x <3

    Day Of The Dead, April 27th, 2011 at 04:20:08pm

  • vengeance university

    thank you for trying to make me that av! (:
    maybe i should find a better photo. XD

    ps: i loveeee your theme. helena is beautiful.

    vengeance university, April 22nd, 2011 at 06:52:49pm

  • Day Of The Dead

    I know what you mean completely. This site is full of very understanding people and a lot of them have given me really good and helpful advice over the years. Everyone is just so nice and supportive. ^_^

    Exactly! I mean, the music industry is kinda dying which sucks majorly, but I'm hoping that I can go on tour with bands. I think touring is the way forward haha! That's totally true. I don't think I'd be able to do a job that I didn't love as a just wouldn't be fufilling and good. Hehe thank you =]

    Ahh yes I remember! Promoting bands sounds like a really fun job, plus you get the chance to go to gigs to take photos xD That sounds really cool. Are those classes expensive? Well I hope you can, sounds like an amazing job to be part of =D I wish I could design logos, I have no imagination though xD

    Hehe it is very funny! I love it when they try to say a really long word and it just comes out wrong and then they don't understand why you're in fits of giggles xD They really do! That has just reminded me of something haha. One of my cousin's first words was rubix cube...everyone was just like....what? =D

    Hehe I got you on facebook now ^^

    It was pretty amazing. I had such a damn good night, best I've seen them play live I'd say =] awh that's really cool to be part of local band stuffs. If they get big you can say 'I'm in one of their first ever videos!' =D what kinda things did you learn from it? =] and have you been to see MCR yet?

    Erm, it's going okay. I've completed one piece, but still have 5 more pieces to do, two of which I can't even start until I get back D: I'm suprised how calm I feel. No doubt I'll start freaking out when I go back! Can't believe I've nearly finished my course D:

    Awh that's really sucky *hugs* keeping yourself busy is a good idea when feeling like that. I hope things start looking up for you very soon!

    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x <3

    Day Of The Dead, April 3rd, 2011 at 03:53:05pm

  • Day Of The Dead

    I'll do anything I can to help. Life can be a b*tch sometimes hehe *hugs* xx

    That sounds pretty cool, you seem perfect for the job hehe! Tell me how it goes =] Yeah, it sucks having that feeling. Sometimes I think maybe I should have stayed on to do a degree in psychology, but I'd rather be doing something I love you know? What did you major in again?

    Awwh she sounds absolutely adorable ^^ little kids are cute when they start to get their own personalities hehe =] she sounds so sweet. My little cousin likes to talk like she's an adult. It's really funny because she tries to use long words she hears xD

    Yeah sure! Yay facebook friends! =] PM me your name or something?

    It's okay, got a crap load of coursework to do. At the end of this week we have 6 weeks off to do our work and stuff. Just annoying that the studios we need are at our academy >.< It was so amazing! One of the best shows I've been to! Also went to their Planetary (GO!) video shoot, that was really fun =] Ahh you're gonna have such an amazing time! Those guys really know how to get the crowd going!

    How have you been recently?

    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x <3

    Day Of The Dead, March 14th, 2011 at 04:35:03pm

  • Day Of The Dead

    Awwh don't feel bad about it, I understand! I look at my profile and then forget I have messages and then send one ages after!! *hugs*

    Yay for graduating! =D Crappy about the job finding though =/ it's good that you're still trying to stay positive and look for them still. I know a lot of people would have just given up by now =] Awwh! Haha I kinda know what you mean. I'm worried about leaving and not having a job...I kinda don't know what I want to do with my life anymore...but I'm sure things work out in the end for everyone?

    Hehe she's my mini me xD Holy crap really?! That really has gone by fast! I remember you tell me you were going to be an auntie...doesn't feel like a year ago! Haha, time really does fly!

    Yeah same here. Just seems to be a good way of people b*tching about others and making things go all stupid. I only check mine..haha! I shall look for you on it =]

    Oh crap, sorry about being so sick and stuff, that sounds really horrible =[ do you know what made you ill in the first place? That's totally understandible that you felt discouraged and upset, that sounds like a lot of stress for one person to go through at once. I'm sure things will get better soon, they often do. I know there's a lot of 'speed bumps' along the way but eventually things will turn around. *hugs*

    I've been alright actually. Been doing my music production course, it's kinda hard and I'm not too sure about it now. Been to a few gigs, saw My Chem on Saturday and they were pretty damn amazing. Shame I had a seated ticket =/ but still, the seat didn't stop me from jumping around and screaming 'till I couldn't talk xD so much energy in that show. Kinda miss it now it's over. Only them and Madina Lake make me go so crazy and happy. All great guys really =]

    x x x x x x x x x x <3

    Day Of The Dead, February 15th, 2011 at 04:06:38pm

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