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kelly elly elly

kelly elly elly
The Murder Scene

Member since January 17th, 2007



im kelly. i dont really care about this because julie is probably the only one reading it. shes my strange best friend. C=. i heard my first my chem song in 4th grade. ive loved them ever since. i told julie about them last year and now shes an obssessed freak. we saw them and i hope we can see them again soon.
thats it. you can go now you sick freaks.

my favorite bands:
-my chem (obvsly)
-fall out boy
-the academy is...
-panic! at the disco
-say anything
-armor for sleep
-hawthorne heights
-the smashing pumpkins
-taking back sunday

February 23, 2007: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY My Chemical Romance performed, and I WAS THERE!

The Ten Commandments of a Chemical Romance
1. Thou shall not put a gun to thy lover's head.
2. Thou shall be willing to die for love.
3. Thou shall seek revenge on those who wrong you.
4. Thou shall be a demolition lover.
5. Thou shall unleash the bats.
6. Thou shall protect thy lover from everything. (even vampires)
7. Thou shall respect the lord, Gerard.
8. Thou shall sing the holy hymns of the chemical romance.
9. Thou shall see beauty in bloody love.
10. Thou shall rock hard.


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