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riding llamas with jared leto

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My name's Keanna, I'm 18 years old and in college. I've got the best boyfriend in the world, Chris, who I've been with for over 4 years now... he's my everything.

I'm a pretty shy person but once I get to know someone I never shut up. If you catch me on a hyper spell I can be pretty obnoxious too... but then again, so can everyone.

So, moving on! I love love love music. I'll listen to just about anything out there EXCEPT country and r&b... and bluegrass. I can't handle it. At all. My favorite band is My Chemical Romance... and the runner ups consist of The Used, Muse, Blink 182 *stabs Tom*, and Mindless Self Indulgence. Yay for me.

In my free time (which is pretty much all the time) I enjoy reading, listening to music, watching movies, writing, sleeping, playing the Sims and Guitar Hero, hanging out with my boyfriend, and playing Left 4 Dead. It owns my soul.

When it comes to movies I'm really into horror movies and really, really sad movies. I'm not sure why, I just am. Oh, and I really like movies that mess with your mind, like Requiem for a Dream and Donnie Darko. However, hands down, TITANIC OWNS MY SOUL. So does HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE. And obviously Harold and Kumar escape Guantanamo Bay. Basically, I fucking love Harold and Kumar with all of my soul. This makes me super EXTREME.

Aaaaaaaaaaand my favorite tv show is HOUSE. Hells yes. I've been a House junkie every since it first came on.

And thus concludes my about me section. If any of you actually took time to read all of this, then you need to get off the computer and get a life. Lollll kidding.

P.S. Waycest = FTL

P.P.S. Viagra comercials make me giggle.

P.P.P.S. Image hot, y/y?


  • cancerlife

    Hi there.

    cancerlife, January 16th, 2008 at 06:52:40am

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