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Yawning Goddess

Yawning Goddess
the tiny place called Denmark

Member since February 6th, 2007


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Well hello there, darling Wow

Yeah, ‘tis my profile you’ve landed in, God knows how Tehe So… *embarrassing silence* … Oh Yeah, that’s right, I’m supposed to write some really interesting facts about myself Mr. Green Okay then, I’ll give it a try;

I’m Amanda and please call me that, not Yawning Goddess, that’s so… strange in my head lmfao or something else Shifty It doesn’t necessarily have to be my real name Tehe

I’m from the tiny country Denmark – I’m a proud (Great) Dane xD .. And that’s also why you’ll probably see me asking weird questions once on a while Shifty2

I’m studying scientific subjects at school, which is somewhat okay Smile a little boring, meh… And I’ve absolutely no idea what I wanna do after school xD

I’m 18 and I love being 18 Tongue You are allowed to do so many things xD I have a drivers license and I’m allowed to drink in public which I really make use of whit my friendsShifty

I lurve music In Love even though my parents and most of my friends in real life hate it xD “Amanda, that’s not music, that’s noice” lmfao One of them call it organized noice Cool

I tend to just kinda disappear when the WAYT thread gets too fast Shifty2 either cuz my internet dies or cuz I can’t keep up and thereby miss a lot of posts lmfao – and yeah, I’m almost only active in the WAYT.. it fucking rocks Punk

I’m not so good at remembering your name (sorry) if we don’t talk a lot and often – that’s actually just exactly how I am in real life, too xD I can’t remember something as simple as a name..

I have a little INO family going on xD :

Anaïs is my wifey and love of my life In Love

Katie (the naughty one Shifty - haven’t seen her for ages though Cry), Steff and Rachel are also my dear wifeys..

Claudia is my lovely mommy Wow

Kerry is my mother-in-law

Casey and Sammy are my kids

Sarah and Doodles are my sisters

.. Oh yeah, then there’s the music Wow

Escape The Fate

My Chemical Romance

Fall Out Boy

Taking Back Sunday

Good Charlotte



Aiden <-- thanks to my dear mommy In Love


Panic! At The Disco

Blink 182

Story Of The Year

30 Seconds To Mars <-- also mostly because of my mommy Tehe

From First To Last


Funeral For A Friend

Green Day

Papa Roach

Billy Talent

The Used

Enter Shikari

Within Temptation

Madina Lake

The list is of course expanding every day *nods eagerly* Smile

Well, that’s a little something about me Mr. Green If you see me on the board just say hello Wow .. Or say hello here Tehe

(='.'=) This is Bunny (Frankie). Put
(*)_(*)him on your homepage and help him on his way to


… My last profile was filled with all sorts of weird and funny stuff Tehe only for the patient ones lmfao … But I’m gonna ……….. KEEP that part lmfao so be my guest and start wasting your time Shifty You’ll love it – or at least I do xD

”20 things you don’t wanna hear during an operation!

1. I suggest you keep that. Maybe we’ll need it during the autopsy.
2. Oh almighty… in your name we sacrifice…
3. Doggy! Doggy! Don’t bite in that. Sit down!
4. Hey.. if that is the kidney, then what is this..?
5. Please give me that, ehm, that thingy right there…
6. Shit.. I dropped my watch..
7. Has anyone ever survived 500 ml of this stuff before?
8. Oh great, the light turned off again..
9. Well, kidneys make good money.. and this guy has two of them..
10. Everybody freeze! I dropped my contact lens…
11. Please make that thing stop blipping all the time. It ruins my concentration..
12. I hate it when we forget your tools down here..
13. Hey cool.. can you make his leg go the wrong way, too?
14. Ok guys.. I know we’re just seeing this as an experiment.. but let’s give it a try, ok?
15. Aseptic? The floor was cleaned yesterday, right?
16. Ok.. take the picture from over there.. Man, it looks weird..
17. This patient has gotten all the kids he wants, right..?
18. Don’t worry.. I think it’s sharp enough..
19. Fire! It’s burning.. everybody out of the house..
20. Shit.. Page number 123 in the manual is missing..”

If you ever end up on youtube Tehe try searching for the giraffe in quicksand – it’s hilarious lmfao but the link keeps changing, meh…

Fun during the drive

- Vary your cars speed inversely proportional to the speed limit.
- Roll down the car window and play the radio news as loud as possible; start head banging.
- In traffic lights; look suspiciously at the person in the car next to you. Then lock the car doors.
- One word: chicken costume. Write “Help Me” with red paint on the rear window. If it looks like blood then it’s perfect.
- Have conversations where you frequently look at the passenger seat while you drive alone. Laugh loud and much. Really loud and really much.
- Stop by green lights. Drive by red lights.
- Wave once in a while with a puppet out of the window.
- Eat food that requires cutlery.
- Overtake cars and then drive really slowly after you’ve overtaken.
- Sing along without having the radio turned on.
- Toot frequently without any reason.
- Wave at people. If they wave back then look angrily at them.
- Let the pedestrians see who the boss is.
- Look back over your shoulder all the time with a paranoid face expression.
- Pick your nose when the traffic light is red (90 % does it anyway).
- Turn the engine off and on in every single traffic light.
- Hang up countless air refreshers on your rear-view mirror. Speak to them and caress them softly.
- Throw burning things into cars with smokers who throw their dog ends outta the windows.
- Have at least 5 cats in your car.
- Race ambulances – or better: police cars.
- Leave the car if you’re in a queue

Dogs & men

Why dogs are better than men:

-Dogs miss you from the moment you’re gone.
-You never wonder whether your dog is good enough for you.
-Dogs show regret when they’ve done something wrong.
-Dogs don’t brag of who they’ve slept with.
-Dogs don’t criticize your friends.
-Dogs won’t laugh at how you throw things.
-Dogs won’t feel threatened by your intelligence.
-You can train your dog to do almost anything.
-It’s easy to find a present for a dog.
-Dogs are nice to kids.
-Handsome dogs aren’t aware of their beauty.
-Dogs know what “No” means.
-You can force a dog to shower.
-Dogs don’t care if it’s you who’s behind the wheel.
-Old dogs won’t suddenly get the urge to find a younger owner.
-Dogs don’t care if you make more money than them.

Why dogs and men can be compared to each other:

-They both take up too much room in the bed.
-They both have a nearly indescribable fear of vacuum cleaners.
-They both suck at asking questions.
-None of them tell what the problem really is.
-The small ones are usually a bit more nervous than the large ones.
-They’re both unusually fascinated by the female lap.
-None of them do the dish.
-They’re both suspicious towards the mail man.
-None of them can see what you see in cats.

Men and women are different – there’s no doubt about that. But why focus on the bad qualities about the two genders when you can focus on the positive ones?

Let us start with the women:

-Women are sympathetic, loving and considerate.
-Women cry when they are happy.
-Women do small things to show that they care.
-They do everything possible to make sure that their kids get the best (e.g. best school, best doctor, etc.)
-Women has the gift to keep smiling even though they’re so tired that the barely are able to stand up.
-They understand how to turn even an ordinary meal into an experience.
-Women know how to get most for their money.
-They know how to comfort an ill friend.
-Women bring happiness and laughter into the world.
-They know how to entertain kids for hours.
-They are honest and loyal.
-Women are happy to do an extra effort to help a friend.
-Women cry easily when they witness injustice.
-They know how to make a man feel like a king.
-Women make the world a better and much happier place to live.

And the men:

-Men are good at moving heavy things and killing spiders.

Things you can do in a department store

- Put random articles in people’s trolleys while they look away.
- Step up to one of the employees and say in a very official voice: “I believe we have a Code 3 in the toys section.”
- Set all the radios on a polka channel; turn them off and set the volume to 10.
- Make a trail of orange juice that leads to the toilettes.
- Hide in the middle of a row with clothes on hangers and then when people look at the clothes you can say: “Pick me! Pick me!”
- Whenever someone’s talking via the speakers, take up fetal position on the floor and scream: “No, no! The voices are back!”
- Scream from a locker room: “Hey, there’s no more toilette paper in here!”
- Put a prize tag on yourself and lay down in the cooling box with the frozen turkeys.
- Make a puppet theatre with frozen chickens.
- Stare into the surveillance camera for an hour while you slowly move from side to side.
- Walk around and show people a picture of yourself while you ask: “Have you seen this woman?”

How to learn Chinese in 5 minutes (ps. you gotta read it out loud lol)

- That’s not right – Sum Ting Wong

- Are you harboring a fugitive? – Hu Yu Hai Ding

- See me ASAP – Kum Hia Nao

- Stupid man – Dum Fuk

- Small horse – Tai Ni Po Ni

- Did you go to the beach? – Wai Yu So Tan

- I bumped into a coffee table – Ai Bang Mai Fa Kin Ni

- I think you need a face lift – Chin Tu Fat

- It’s very dark in here – Wao So Dim

- I thought you were on a diet – Wai Yu Mun Ching

- This is a tow away zone! – No Pah King

- Our meeting is scheduled for next week – Wai Yu Kum Nao

- Staying out of sight – Lei Ying Lo

- He’s cleaning his automobile – Wa Shing Ka

- Your body odor is offensive! – Yu Stin Ki Pu

- Great – Fa Kin Su Pah

- Dildo – Fun Toi

- Ex-wife – Fa Kin Sau

- Jesus Child – Ho Li Boi

- Give me the money! – Pei Nau

- Where’s the restroom? – Ai Pe Nau

- I absolutely agree – No Daut

- Dogshit under my shoe – Stin Kin Puh

- Stop teasing me! – Tat Nut Fun

- Annoying kid – Hit Tat Boi

- Go for a ride for free – Hit Hai King

- My friend is homo – He Gai

- Your price is too high – Ai No Bai Dam Ting

- That was an unauthorized execution – Lin Ching

- You are not very bright – Yu So Dum

- I am not guilty – Wai Hang Mi

- Please, stay a while longer – Wai Go Nao

- They have arrived – Hia Dei Kum

- Having an early orgasm – Kum Tu Suun

- Saying the same thing – Ri Pi Ting

- Are you horny? – Yu Har Dik

- You’re just so stupid – Fak Ju

- I just get drunk so easy – On Li Tu

- Oh, you’ve been smoking as well? – Ju Tu Hai

- I’ve got something in my eye – Aut Mai Ai

- Now I understand – Ai See Nau

- Pretty and romantic sky tonight – Mu So Brait

- Let’s get outta here – Fa Kin Run

- Look at that Ferrari – Big Boi Toi

- I’m just so horny – Ma Dik Big

- Microsoft sucks – Fa Kin Kom Pu Da

- He’s extremely ticklish – Jum Pin Hai

- Isn’t it cold to pee outdoor? – Wai Ju Ding So Tai Nee

- This got to look like an accident – Hit Mai Ai

- Has your flight been delayed? – Hao Long Wei Ting

- I didn’t know that you could sing? – Wai Yu Sing Dum Song


If you made it all the way through then WELL DONE! Smile *claps* Hope ya liked it Mr. Green

I’ll see ya somewhere on the board Wow Bye bye for now Bye


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    your profile is great btw!

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