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aime (amy)
hell, a place called home

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wellz, what can i say about me. Yeah i love my chemical romance as u may know already... i listen to em all the time, no matter what mood im on, but then again everywhere i go i always am listening to music.. it helps me keep calm, without it i would be lost!!!! my favorite songs from mcr is vampires will never hurt you!!! i really dont know what #2 would be but it would be between Mama and Im not okay, i can here it a million times and never get tired of it. Well i love to skate, hang with friends, ride dirt bikes, and i play the drums, but now i play guitar!!! yay!!!!.. i play a fender american stratocaster, but my dream guitar is the Epiphone Elitist les paul! i love to talk about my chemical romance, everytime i talk about them i always get butterflies in my stomach, but a good feeling... i also spend most of my time skating, and hurting my self, while skating, well yeah im not into mcr because of gerard or mikey way or frank iero anything( even though they are so hott and im in love with frank), im into them because their music is just so amazing, and their lyrics arent about drugs or sluts and grillz and having sex, but the lyrics are about really things, not stupid things. They changed life for me, and saved me from doing things that could have ruined my lifes in many ways... im scard of needles, elevators, and airplanes, oh and girly chicks. my 3 fav colors are black, red, and white, pinks kewl i guess but i dont wear too much of it, just like a bracelete or sumtin. im very shy, and if someone i dont know or never seen in my whole life comes up to, i wont really talk to them, until i get to know em a little better. ive done that alot... ( but if you talk to me i'll talk back!) i love writting poerty about unfortunate events in my life, trust me theres been alot, i also love writing songs,and drawing sunsets... and moons. im pretty friendly to everyone, and only mess around with my closest friends... my parents are divorced, i live in two different houses, i guess its kewl but when they start fighting its not, my mom just recently got re-married, and my dad just got divorced, yes i know its sucks, and im always dragged into the middle of their fights, ive been to 3 shrinks because of their fighting, and may have to go to a 4th very soon... my best friend is marjorie, she helps me alot with problems, and she always there for me... , at our skewl we are known as the "EMO" chicks (but without the pain. but with the style) we go everywhere with each other, and do everything with each other,( including checkin out guys in eye liner lolz). i met her in 6th grade, but i fell like ive known her longer, i would so date her(well if she was a guy or if i was). no im not gay or bi, im straight, but i have alot of friends who are. ive been to a fair amount of concerts, but never to an mcr one, im going to one in march, im so fuckin excited!!! well thats about it i guess...hopefully you guys will talk to, cuz im shy on talking to other people

here are some of the bands im onto:

the red jumpsuit apparatus
ima robot
red hot chili peppers
the cure
the ramones
the killers
angels and airwaves
avenge sevenfold
the bravery
bullet for my valentine
black sabath
boys like girls
children of bodom
depeche mode
dimmu borgir
fall out boy
foo fighters
the gorillas
the rolling stones
material issue
dimmu borgir
nine inch nails
no doubt
she wants revenge
system of a down
taking back sunday
voilent femmes
ok go
jack's mannequin
stone sour
smashing pumpkins
the casualties
pency prep
the academy is...
cute is what we aim for
the beatles
all american rejects
30 seconds to mars
bright eyes
the used
death cab for cutie
gym class heroes

(much much more, but way too lazy to type!)

The Ten Commandments of My Chemical Romance
1. Thou shall not put a gun to thy lover's head.
2. Thou shall be willing to die for love.
3. Thou shall seek revenge on those who wrong you.♥♥♥♥♥♥
4. Thou shall be a demolition lover.
5. Thou shall unleash the bats.
6. Thou shall protect thy lover from everything (even vampires)
7. Thou shall respect the lords, Gerard,Mikey,Frank,Ray,and Bob.
8. Thou shall sing the holy hymns of the chemical romance
9. Thou shall see beauty in bloody love.
10. Thou shall carry on.


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