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san diego, california

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im gelliza, a name that i always have to tell people how to pronounce. im in love with this boy named derrick :] he actually likes my oddness. ive lived in san diego all my life so far and i love it here. unicorns are my favorite animal. i am a junior at otay ranch high and i love it, most of the time. and i have no life at school, but thats good cause im left out of all the dramamama :] i creep people out sometimes, but i sorta like making people wonder about me. i have trouble explaining things to people. i watch transformers every morning before i go to school. i am very bad at taking care of cell phones D: i spend most of my life on the computer. which is pretty bad. i have a lot of good memories but theres no record of them in writing or in pictures :[ ive never been to an mcr concert which im pretty sad about. i tend to lose things. especially my train of thought. i get distracted easily. im the captain of my school's color guard :] it helped me become a stronger person, physically and emotionally. im very passionate about performing in guard and i made lots of friends, mostly band geeks ;] i have changed a lot within a year, but to me it was a pretty good change. my mom thinks im weird but shes okay with it. i can definitely have fun WITHOUT drugs or alcohol, and i prefer to live that way. i have a lot of motivation in my life. ive learned a lot from many good, bad, and really really bad experiences in life. and i think about life a bit too much. one of my teachers says im a very deep thinker.. im reallyreallyreally shy, but after a little while i get confortable and i like meeting new people :]



    detroit rock city is the sh*t
    i know random person commenting you but thats pretty much my favorite movie ever

    DESTROYA, July 2nd, 2008 at 10:23:42pm

  • Burnout

    your avatar!
    detroit rock city f*cking rocks!

    Burnout, June 14th, 2008 at 03:31:29pm

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