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i love sKittles

i love sKittles

Member since February 27th, 2007



My name; Livi. You know all you need to know about me now, im not a closed book but to you i wont just express my feelings, my feelings are important me to and they make who i am!
Im not being boastful but yeah, i have friends, who dont right?
Although some of them i really dont agree with at times.

if you dont like me your problem
'Love me or hate me still an obsession
love me or hjate me that is the question
if you love me then thank you
if you hate me then f*** you'
with me what you see is what your gonna get sweetie
im not fake im pretty real
i want summer back now
i hate it been sunny and not warm at same time
i hate backstabbers so dont do it
my mum gave my dad a birthday present, what was it?; divorce papers
so basically as you can see its not all sweetness and light so pretty please dont make me worse. Other wise i will get mad.
all i wanna do is smile? don't prevent it, its already rare!

want to know my friends, yes i thought so;

Danni, I love her a lot, shes the one i rely on, no matter what.

Nicole, i love her a lot, she makes the world go round!

Holly, i love her, she makes me grin at times.

Charlie, annoyingly loud but oh well she buys me bacon Smile


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