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hanging out with corpses

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Im Anthony.

Umm... yeah.


Hi. Im probably one of the only guys on here haha.I'm a tad bit dependant now, after things. I'm never going to admit to being emotional in any kinda way unless...unless im happy about a certain band we all should like very, very much,or about the funnyest things or goodest things in my life [[like my aunt TAYLER(username:Jack the Ripper.)...she makes everything better, for me anyways]]... or if I'm fake-emotioning, most of the time if I'm actually emotional at all, its on the inside(i dont give it out) but im cool... I have been a fan of MCR since Three Cheers came out. I am straight. I love other bands such as The Used,30 Seconds To Mars,AFI,Muse,Pency Prep, Green Day,Iron Maiden,The Misfits,Queen,Metallica, The Cure,The Ramones,Sex Pistols,David Bowie,Nirvanna and more...

My Chemical Romance:

Gerard Way- Vocals
Ray Toro- Guitar
Mikey Way- Bass
Frank Iero- Guitar
(X)Matt Pelissier- Drums(X)
Bob Bryar-Drums

They got their name from the name description of Irvine Welsh's novel,Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance, My Chemical Romance is as one of the amazing bands in recent musical HISTORY!!!. Their sound, calming and caring,from the heart and heart broken,...amazing... Having a live show that explodes with energy and leaves a memory of a life-time in the heart and the mind,taking away of all things in your way in life. My Chemical Romance has spent 2003 trekking around the United States so many times and have traveled to Europe to do a continueing show of dates in the UK, Germany, Holland, & Spain. This has given the five most awsome people a chance to further and spread their most deepest feelings with the world, all the while connecting with fans feelings and emotions on an international level. It all seems like quite an amazing time for a little band starting from scratch, from Newark, NJ.

The continueing of My Chemical Romance is a twisted,fun,adventurest, voyage through many years of underground New Jersey suburbs. The five members have been very best of friends since their high school years. There were many startings of local bands throughout that time, but never the combination that left the feeling of what My Chemical Romance acheived in their fans. As high school ended, the band members were moved in all different ways in a search to find out what they would become in life, but music fit their lives in a way they couldnt resist. This left some attending school, while others went instantly into full time jobs. Over the years, the guys stayed in contact with each other. Gerard had a job in New York City as an animator making toonish characters in his mothers basement, ",And I was really starting to question the direction of my life,so I called Matt, who'd been asking himself a lot of the same questions. We decided we would get together and play some music."-Gerard

After writing a song, and getting together with Matt, Gerard decided it was time to move forward. "The song, 'Skylines And Turnstiles,' came out pretty good. So I decided to call Ray, who is the best guitarist I know."-Gerard
The three of them spent the next few months in what was called 'seeing what would happen'. The result of this was another demo, recorded in an attic in the winter of 2001.
"Things started moving rather quickly after that," says Gerard. Mikey heard about what they were up to and wanted to be a part of it. Mikey didn't really know much about being a bassist, but he knew that was what they needed, so he learned to play almost overnight. The rest of the band were all very impressed.

After being picked up by the New Jersey independent Eyeball Records, My Chemical Romance marched into a studio in upstate New York to record their debut album in May of 2002. Still feeling incomplete, the band recruited Frank to fill out their sound. Tracking the record in just over two week's time, My Chemical Romance was all ready to go. What they never saw coming was that their ability to write songs would touch the hearts and souls of nearly everyone they came across,also amazingly the ones they dont come across.

I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love was released in July of 2003. With this album came an avalanche of interest in the band. Constant touring created a fan base that is loyal to no end. The next evolutional step was to expand the touring to a bigger level. Securing opening spots on high profile tours, they set out in a van for the next 14 months of their lives to search for the lives they all wanted and loved.

My Chemical Romance did not take these opportunities to appeal to more fans than they expected very lightly. From . They have something to say and want you to listen. The cool darkness of Gerard's lyrics & vocals may leave you to think of something you will never experience. From "Demolition Lovers" and "Early Sunsets Over Monroeville," to the big "Headfirst For Halos" and "Vampires Will Never Hurt You," My Chemical Romance really does have something to say. They will prove that in music, is life, and in life is music. And this life is darker than any New Jersey shore could ever be. Just listen for yourself, and carry on.
My Chemical Romance.

Gerard Way-
Whats there to say. He is one of the most thoughtful,heart giving people Ever! The Way he thinks and the way he acts its like hes here for a reason, reasons us as fans and friends cant explain...I..

Ray Toro-Favorite!!!
One of the Coolest and funnyest in the band.DO YOU SEE HIS FRO! OMG! Hes crazy.Awsome guy. Awsome guy.

Mikey Way-
Mikey Way.
Hmmm..hes cool.! Ya know one of the quietest guys but a favorite i mean seriously ...whoa.

Frank Iero-
Franks the rocker of the band making the missing part of the band how can he not be thought of. Also from another band Pency Prep(gotta hear 'em) hes got spirit

Bob Bryar-
Bob is, Bob really. The funny thing is he hates the spot light ya no being in the back, hes noticed, but wouldnt ya think he would want a'litte more spot light
Bobs,.. just Bob.

what amazing people.[color=crimson]

profile still needs alot of...but ya... im too lazy haha


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