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socialy retarted

after the interview (funny stuff) look at my conversations, there FUNNY and you get to know about me... haha

sorry for steaking this but i couldnt help it..
MCR go shopping at the mall (I wrote stealing please...unless you ask me and I say yes)

Frank: Ooooooo! Shopping! Yay!
Ray: Frank, calm down! *tries to restrain him*
Frank: *whacks Ray in the head as he’s jumping up and down* Yayayayayayayayayay!
Mikey: Can someone restrain him?
*Bob jumps on Frank and tackles him to the ground*
Bob: He’s not staying down!
*Mikey and Ray jump on top of Frank and Bob*
Ray: He won’t stop moving! *looks around* Where the fuck’s Gerard?
Gerard has walked into a cutlery store
Gerard: Ooooo, shiny! *takes out shopping list*
Gerard: *reads list* five sporks, skittles, guitar lead, Mr Bean figure and a toaster.
*goes up to the counter lady*
lady: How can I help you?
Gerard: Hmmmm *thinks* do you sell guitar leads?
2 hours later
Ray: Guys we have to leave. The mall’s closing soon.
Mikey: But gerard’s still in there somewhere
Bob: Don’t worry he’s probably left by now
Somewhere else...
Gerard: *in air vent* Hmmm...I wonder if this leads to the exit.
*phone rings*
Gerard: Hello?
Ray: Where are you Gee?
Gerard: Hee hee I'm in the roof
Ray: wtf?
Gerard: Hee hee its fun up here, its all dark and smells funny like your jacket
Ray: Aw fuck you're in an air vent again aren’t you?
Gerard: Yay!
Ray: Just stay there, we’ll come and get you.
While later. Gerard had gotten hungry so started eating the skittles he had bought for Frank.
Ray: Gee? Where are you?
Gerard: Hee hee u found me! Now its ur turn to hide and I have to try and find you!
Mikey: Dude we’ve got to get out of here...the vent will probly break from all our weight
Gerard: *crying* Raaaaaaayyyyy! Mikey called me fat!
Frank appears with Bob behind him
Frank: Yayayayayay! Found you Gee!
Gerard: Seeeee??? Frankie gets it!
Frank: *Sees the open skittles packet* OMFG you ate my skittles you bastard!
Gerard: It wasn’t me! It was Ray!
Frankie jumps on Ray. The vent breaks. All fall out
Mikey: *screams*
Ray: What is it Mikes?
Mikey: I broke...I broke...
Ray: What? What did you break?
Mikey: A NAIL!!!
*MCR laugh*
Mikey: It fucking hurt alright?! Great now my cuticle is bleeding!
Gerard: Hee hee mikey’s cuticle is a tomato
Frank: My ass hurts
Gerard: Hee hee lets do that again!
Ray: No fucking way!

Frank, Gerard and Mikey of My Chemical Romance Q&A

Q: First record you ever bought?
Frank: G n' R — Appetite for Destruction (on tape).
Gerard: Poison — Look What the Cat Dragged In (vinyl).
Mikey: Smashing Pumpkins — Siamese Dream.

Q: First show you attended?
Frank: Weston, The Fiends, My Favorite Citizen and True Zero at The Pipeline, Newark N.J.
Gerard: Bruce Springsteen, with my mom (at the Meadowlands).
Mikey: Some show at the old Pipeline in New Jersey. I don't remember the bands that played. The first big rock show I attended was the Smashing Pumpkins at the Meadowlands.

Q: Musically, who were your biggest influences?
Frank: Black Flag, Richie Havens, Hambone King of Rock 'n' Roll and my Dad.
Gerard: Iron Maiden, The Misfits, The Smiths, The Cure, At the Gates, Pulp.
Mikey: The Smiths, Blur, Smashing Pumpkins, Oasis, The Misfits, Radiohead.

Q: Pimp My Ride or Monster House?
Frank: I have no idea what that means. Sorry.
Gerard: Pimp My Van.
Mikey: Monster House w/Gun-Shaped Swimming Pool.

Q: Gangsta rap or hip-hop?
Frank: B-horror movies and a case of Mountain Dew.
Gerard: Gangsta rap.
Mikey: Hip-hop.

Q: What's the most recent song you downloaded (legally)?
Frank: I've never downloaded anything, really. I'm anti-computer and I enjoy buying records.
Gerard: I don't download.
Mikey: Downloading is for chumps.

Q: You're stranded on a desert island. What is the one thing you'd have with you?
Frank: Books, especially Harry Potter. I'm such a sissy.
Gerard: My PDA.
Mikey: My iPod.

Q: What's your dream car?
Frank: A Delorean, fully equipped with a flux capacitor. And it must run on garbage.
Gerard: A badass red Corvette with a licence plate reading "KNIVES."
Mikey: The Dukes of Hazzard car.

Q: The one person you would like to spend five minutes with?
Frank: My girlfriend. We're always on tour and we never get to spend any time together.
Gerard: Ernest.
Mikey: Abraham Lincoln.

Q: If you were a superhero, what would be your super power and superhero name?
Frank: If I revealed my secret identity, the world would go to sh*t.
Gerard: I'd rather just be Wolverine, if that's ok.
Mikey: Sweet Little Dude. My powers involve being svelte and invisible.

Q: What's your favorite place to be in the world?
Frank: Belleville, New Jersey.
Gerard: Belleville, New Jersey.
Mikey: Dirty Jersey.

Q: Do you turn the volume up or down when you hear your music on the radio?
Frank: Way the fuck up.
Gerard: Maxed out to the 10!
Mikey: You know it.

Q: Elvis or The Beatles?
Frank: The Beatles.
Gerard: The Beatles.
Mikey: The Beatles.

Other than being able to sit down for interviews with wonderful people like us, what does being on the Warped Tour mean to you?
Frank: Oh wow! Personally, ever since I was in bands at thirteen I tried to do battle of the bands... play Warped Tour and things like that. I never actually won any of the battle of the bands but it's a dream come true to be on Warped. It really is! It's unlike any other tour we've been on and you can't prepare for it in any way. But it's definitely a dream come true to play with some of my favorite bands of all time.

Seeing as though it's Warped's ten year anniversary, give us some insight as to the kind of kid you were when you were ten.
Frank: Asshole. I was such an asshole! Uhhh Delinquent. I was told I was too intelligent for my own good but I don't know about that. I didn't like authority and this was at ten!
Gerard: Tell me what has changed?
Frank: She just said ten, she didn't say now! But I could give you the same answer; you never know!
Gerard: I didn't want to say anything.
Frank: I was pretty much like I am today but I wish I knew now what I knew then. Does that make sense?
Gerard: I liked Star Wars when I was ten.

Do you still today?
Gerard: Oh yeah.

There's a rumor circulating around that My Chemical Romance is the love child of the Warped tour...
Gerard, Mikey and Frank in unison: Whoa! Wow!

Gerard: We are loved.
Frank: But what does that mean, that the Warped Tour and another tour got together and had...
Gerard: Yeah like Ozzfest and Demolition Derby got together and... but yeah, I feel it. We are extremely accepted and supported and loved so...
Frank: But I almost got shot the other night though. [He says this almost nonchalantly as if it's a frequent occurence.]

Shot? As in shot, shot?
Frank: Pellet gun shot.

Why would someone want to shoot you?
Frank: Oh, I wasn't allowed in a certain VIP barbecue that I wanted in to.
Mikey: Chris was like, "just go up and tell them my name and you'll get in" and the guy was like, "who?"
Frank: And he was like "I'll shoot you." [Forms a gun with his hand and points it at me.] But as far as a lot of the bands on this tour, they really respect us and it's great because we really respect the bands. They come to watch us all the time and it's been amazing.
Gerard: We're very lucky. We feel lucky everyday when some of our favorite bands make time out of their day to come and watch us. And they do that everyday.
Frank: The other day, well not yesterday but the day before, we closed and it was really late like 8:10 to 8:40 and we didn't think anybody was going to come to watch us. But it was all of our favorite bands, like the Souls (Bouncing Souls) came out, Anti-Flag came out... It's a beautiful tour!
Gerard: It made me proud.

Kinda like what happened today?
Frank: Oh yeah! That was amazing!

What happened anyway?
Frank: All the power went out; the generator exploded.
Gerard: It just went out yeah.
Frank: It has never happened to us, ever.

The response was incredible.
Frank: We traded a great set for a great experience.
Gerard: Exactly!

*Note: Earlier that day in mid-performance, My Chem lost all sound just as they began to play their hit song "I'm Not Okay." Instead of walking off and calling it a day, the band and the crowd began to sing the song accapela. It was quite impressive to watch the dedication and love that their fans have towards them.

Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge is a very strong title. Whose concept was it and is the band afraid of karma?
Gerard: Is the band afraid of karma?!
Frank: See here's the thing... [Turns to Gerard] Before you say anything... think about what you were going to say because I want to say something about karma.
Mikey: I think the album is a product of good karma. I think we've done good things for people and I think that what occurs from the album can only be good. We've never done anything wrong to anybody. Revenge is meant in a different sense, not in the literal sense. You know?
Frank: Here's the thing about karma. 'Oh if you don't do this,' something bad is going to happen but who's the one striking down on people? Somebody needs to do that. So if we're the ones to serve the revenge that's fine by me. Maybe we're just the angels of death?
Gerard: Now it feels like when we play, we have a purpose. There hasn't been a moment... once in a while you get a little depressed, caught up in something else, but we feel like we have purpose every time we play to do some kind of damage. Not really to ourselves or to the equipment or anything but to what's generally accepted as okay. Like chewing up and spitting up the same bullshit, sounding like everybody else, being homophobic, all these things that are very accepted in punk rock that are amazingly still alive and well. It's fucking shocking...
Frank: People never cease to amaze us.
Gerard: ...and it doesn't feel like a threat to those bands you know. Really close friends of ours have said that and it's probably the best compliment that I've ever gotten for the band, that we were a threat. Ever since hearing that, I take it to heart everytime we get on stage.

In 'To The End', why does the elevator only go up to ten and would you feel okay getting off on the thirteen floor?
Gerard: Well, I felt that picking a lower number would be like 'I can't get high enough' so I had to pick somewhere around ten. I felt like I just needed to get higher; like the top just isn't good enough. I think that's kind of a metaphor in how we feel and how we operate as a band, that the top isn't good enough since that's not what we're after. It's not good enough for us because we want to make a difference and actually change things. We don't just want things thrown at us. But I've gotten off on thirteenth floors. They make them right?

I know someone that lives on the thirteenth floor.
Gerard: You do?

I truly do.
Frank: It's good luck.

I think so.
Frank: I think it's good luck.
Gerard: I'm superstitious though.

When you listen to a CD you need something to reference it to. When I listen to MCR, your sound changes from one song to the next and I hear a whole slew of things. Was this done deliberately?
Gerard: We can't really write songs that sound alike. We like to capture moods and you can definitely pinpoint those moods. You can say this is the same kind of mood or feel. We like to explore themes and moods but style is something we can't live with ourselves doing over and over. And if that means we run out of material eventually then that's fine because you'll never get something twice from us.

When I read some of the lyrics the main theme of the CD seems to be about death or the end of something... That accurate?
Gerard: Yeah. The record started as a concept record and ended up being more about loss than anything and that had a lot to do with me and Mikey losing our grandma in November. It changed everything and we were just about to finish writing the record. So I reevaluated what I was going to write lyrically. I didn't intend on it. I actually didn't even reevaluate it, I just said, "well, let me just write from the heart" and in the end, listening to the record, I was like 'wow this record is really about loss.' It took me a couple listens to really get the scope of the record and to realize that it was really that blatantly about loss and death throughout almost every song. But I think death is something that we'll always write about because it's both tragic, negative and beautiful at the same time. It's very beautiful and it can be a very positive thing.

If you could come back after death to "put the wrong things right" what would you most likely need to fix up?
Frank: So if we were to die today?

Yeah in like an hour.
Frank: I don't know.
Gerard: Let's say the whole band died, we'd just get back together and start playing again!
[everyone laughs]

You'd find each other.
Gerard: Yeah, I think that's what we'd do because this feels like our purpose. You know, it seems like our cause.
Frank: We're definitely not done yet!
Gerard: Yeah, if we died I feel like we would find each other and just start over.

Do you think writing in the first person makes you more vulnerable?
Gerard: Umm... sometimes. I was always worried it was going to make me an egomaniac. I was more worried about that, but then I realized that the way I ended up writing is just more I, I, I, instead of a you and a we. When I say "I" I usually mean the band. I usually mean it in a way that I think that these guys are feeling it at the same time without saying we. [turns to Frank and Mikey] Don't you feel that way? Like when we're on stage and they're
singing with me, I feel like they mean it the same way.
Frank: It's a more definite thing, more urgent.
Gerard: Yeah.

You're in a karaoke bar and you've had too much sake. What song...
[Frank turns to Gerard] I know what you're going to say! you sing and do you totally rock it or do you totally kill it?
Frank: He rocks the shit out of it! Totally Bon Jovi!
Gerard: Bon Jovi... 'Living On A Prayer.' It's funny because a lot of people give me shit when we go to karaoke because I won't do it.

Gerard: Yeah. I'm terrified of karaoke unless I'm wasted! That's the only way I can do karaoke.

You can go on stage and perform for a whole bunch of people...
[Gerard shrugs as if to say that he doesn't understand it either]
Frank: It's funny because it's rare that we would be out and not wasted.
Gerard: Yeah, yeah, that's true. [to Frank] What would you sing?
Frank: I have been known to do 'I Got You Babe' with a friend of mine, Greg Southside and we do the shit out it! We've been kicked out of bars because we did it so well. But Ray would like to sing probably 'Only The Good Die Young'.
Gerard: By Billy Joel.

In 'You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison' the main character is made to do pushups in drag. If you were forced to so something in drag, what would you choose to do?
Gerard: Karate.
[everyone breaks out in laughter]
Frank: I liked the "if you were forced, what would you choose to do."
Gerard: It's like the drag fairy comes by and says "what would you like to do?" Ahhmm yeah, karate.
Frank: Really?
Gerard: No. Really, I would do what I did when I dressed in drag this one time before. I went to school in drag, in art school and my day was completely different because everybody thought I was a chick.
Frank: He looked like Christina Ricci.
Gerard: You should see me as a chick. So I went as a girl, as like an experiment and it worked really well and everyone was really nice to me but I couldn't talk obviously... You know train conductors were really cool to me on my commute...
Frank: I would date Gerard.
Gerard: HA! I looked hot as a chick.

Which of your band mates is most likely to accidentally stick a fork in a toaster...
Frank: Mikey.

...and who would yell 'Hey! It's still plugged in!'
Mikey: That would be me.
Gerard: I would definitely be the one yelling. I think we're all very protective of Mikey for things like sticking forks in toasters.
Frank: It's funny because when we were recording, me and Mikey lived together and I would go to Gerard after and be like, "I can't believe he did this today."
Mikey: Yeah, I would leave the tea on overnight.
Frank: God forbid that kid ever lives alone!
Gerard: He had to promise he would watch him because he likes to do this thing where he'll take a heater into the shower and plug it in...
Frank: Oh god!
Gerard: ...and there's water everywhere!
Mikey: I did that one time...
Gerard: What about the times with the radio?
Mikey: ...and I was pretty warm when I did it though.

You are offered something for free. Which do you choose? Sky diving lessons, a custom tattoo, a lap dance from an exotic dancer or 50 free sun tanning sessions?
Gerard: Oh the lap dance!
Frank: The tattoo.
Mikey: What were they again?
[Everyone helps little Mikey out]
Mikey: I guess the tattoo.
Frank: I knew it! Which is funny because you don't have any.
Gerard: You would see what you could get and trade it for money.

Seeing as this is an electoral year, which person on the Warped Tour would you choose to run the country and why would they get your vote?
Gerard: Fat Mike.
Frank: #2 from Anti-Flag. That kid can rally.
Gerard: Can they run together?
Frank: Sure.

The Velvet Bag of Doom:
First up is Frank who pulls fill in the blanks from the bag.

Caution! Do not put _____ anywhere close to me!
Frank: Our drummer.

Oh no! I didn't pack _________
Frank: Enough underwear.

If I was ever to miss the bus, I would ________
Frank: Stay home.

Mikey's up next and he pulls word association. First thing that comes to mind.

Video games
Mikey: Mario

Mikey: September

Jack Daniels
Mikey: Uh. Coca Cola

Mikey: I don't know!
Gerard: Not even a bare ass?
Mikey: No.

Gerard pulls 'name the band associated to the lyric'

"And you will tell all your friends you've got your gun to my head"
Gerard: We can do another one because I've sang that one with Taking Back Sunday on stage.

Okay then, round two is a word association again... First thing that comes to mind.

Warped Tour
Gerard: Hot

Gerard: Nice

Gerard: Stinky

Plastic Surgery
Gerard: Awful

Why should the world give a damn about My Chemical Romance?
Gerard: Because we give a damn about it.
Frank: Save your life.
Gerard: Yeah. Good enough for me. And there are so few people that actually do give a damn about the world.
Frank: Yeah.

Very true.
Gerard: I have a nihilistic attitude so it's like, the new's popular. You know what I mean?
Frank: Popsicle is the new black.
Gerard: What did I say? Oh yeah. Screaming is the new gay, everybody's doing it.
Frank: I wish it were Popsicle.
Gerard: Popsicles?
Frank: Popsicles should be the new black and then everyone would have one.

My name is julia, im go to bak middel school of the arts as a visual major
gerard way owns my soul
jason is a big meanie should stop calling gee a poopey face.. =(

me and haley, haha
ooiluvmcrxx (3:59:59 PM): i told u she does
ooiluvmcrxx (4:00:09 PM): shes a big old fart-sicle
rockfanjm (4:00:09 PM): OR tell her for the myth project
ooiluvmcrxx (4:00:09 PM): lol
ooiluvmcrxx (4:00:27 PM): i bet they sell popsicles at publix that makes u into a fartsicle
ooiluvmcrxx (4:00:29 PM): I BET!!!
rockfanjm (4:00:45 PM): i dont like popsicles
ooiluvmcrxx (4:00:52 PM): some fo them are good
ooiluvmcrxx (4:00:56 PM): i like the cream ones
rockfanjm (4:00:58 PM): not the ones from publix i mean
rockfanjm (4:01:00 PM): YA
ooiluvmcrxx (4:01:07 PM): like they are fruity, and then with the cream thing on the inside
ooiluvmcrxx (4:01:10 PM): OH SO GOOD!
rockfanjm (4:01:17 PM): not the ones with fruty chunks
rockfanjm (4:01:25 PM): ewwers on them..
ooiluvmcrxx (4:01:46 PM): those suck
ooiluvmcrxx (4:01:48 PM): hmm
ooiluvmcrxx (4:01:53 PM): we are talking about popsicles
rockfanjm (4:01:54 PM): yeppers
ooiluvmcrxx (4:01:56 PM): and which ones we like
ooiluvmcrxx (4:01:59 PM): we must be insane
rockfanjm (4:02:01 PM): yep
rockfanjm (4:02:21 PM): im gonna put it on ino lol brb..

me and my cousin... haha
SoundSource545 (10:20:31 AM): yeah, i'm not gonna say or do anything, but those girl just annoy the shit out of me, one of the girls, she always stupid comments in class and she was absent for like a week and then one day someone asked a REALLY stupid question, and everyone was like , "SHE'S BACK"
rockfanjm (10:21:38 AM): ha.. just chuckel to your self
rockfanjm (10:21:54 AM): taha (im gald ill never be like them)
SoundSource545 (10:22:05 AM): yeah
rockfanjm (10:23:19 AM): so is she getting ready in this wee hour of the morning like any excited person would do?? makeing sure everything is perfect?
SoundSource545 (10:23:38 AM): nah, she's shaving her legs
rockfanjm (10:24:16 AM): , omg, i just was finished when i got on the computer (freaky..)
SoundSource545 (10:24:25 AM): no way
rockfanjm (10:24:28 AM): ya way
SoundSource545 (10:24:36 AM): same here !!!!!!
SoundSource545 (10:24:38 AM): whoa
rockfanjm (10:24:42 AM): i swear..
rockfanjm (10:24:48 AM): so freaky,
SoundSource545 (10:25:01 AM): wow
rockfanjm (10:25:18 AM): thats got to be a telapathic cousin thing!! WHEE..
rockfanjm (10:25:36 AM): lol
SoundSource545 (10:25:38 AM): hahahahaha
rockfanjm (10:26:09 AM): ohhh what NOW!,,, my mom thinks that hilarous
SoundSource545 (10:26:44 AM): hahahahaha
rockfanjm (10:26:46 AM): you know only this type of thing would come from the stam family..
SoundSource545 (10:26:52 AM): i know
rockfanjm (10:26:55 AM): we ROCK
rockfanjm (10:27:12 AM): im so copying this into my INO profile.. lol..
rockfanjm (10:27:15 AM): h/o

me and haley.. haha
haha me and haley talking..
rockfanjm (4:24:26 PM): your coming flu or not
oOiLuVmCrXx (4:24:31 PM): ur BM is like 3 weeks away
oOiLuVmCrXx (4:24:32 PM): DURR
rockfanjm (4:24:44 PM): we will just keep you in a plastic bubbel
oOiLuVmCrXx (4:25:05 PM): YAY!
oOiLuVmCrXx (4:25:10 PM): ive always wanted to try one of those out
oOiLuVmCrXx (4:25:16 PM): OW!!!
oOiLuVmCrXx (4:25:22 PM): my head jsut got way worse
rockfanjm (4:25:26 PM): like a giant hamster ball
oOiLuVmCrXx (4:25:32 PM): i think i feel the migrain's heart beat
rockfanjm (4:25:43 PM): your head is pulsing?
shayna is laughing her ass off to my cousins.. LOL

rockfanjm (5:53:55 PM): they didnt update yet
ooiluvmcrxx (5:53:58 PM): *wiggles eyeborws*
ooiluvmcrxx (5:53:59 PM): man
ooiluvmcrxx (5:54:01 PM): that sucks
ooiluvmcrxx (5:54:08 PM): i hate edling ppl now..
ooiluvmcrxx (5:54:15 PM): woah. attack of big letters
ooiluvmcrxx (5:54:18 PM): ahh
ooiluvmcrxx (5:54:21 PM): oh, whew

haley and acey like to look up greek (gay) porn... ewwer


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