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V a m p i r e . . .

V a m p i r e . . .
V a m p i r e . . .
Heating up my coffee :)

Member since March 27th, 2007



And Very LOUD

Welcome to my world, where children sing Mindless Self Indulgence songs as nursery rhymes and rainbows shine out of mushrooms. Tape cassettes are necklaces and odd socks are cool. People skip all the time and never look sad, beer is given out at school and its considered awesome to fall over. Age doesn't matter and iPods are given out free. Mr Bean is considered God. There is NEVER silence and everyone gets happily put to sleep by Russell Brand. I may sound weird (Y) But hey in my world im all the norm. __________

Uhhh Lets Start From The Begining...

Hallo, my name is Jasmine-Leah but you can just call me Jasmine. I guess i'm pretty normal, but then again i'm probably not. Want to meet me? Fine go ahead....You can find me normally smashed out my face on a random field every Friday night...I hope I see you there Smile I am currently in love with You Me At Six, like a right loon and i'm going to see them again on the 13th of October, butttt before that i'm going to see Cobra Starship Yaaay! Smile You want to leave yet? You are probably bored stiff. Anyway I guess i'm quite BOLD but thats the way I like it. If someone is doing something i don't like they will know about it. But thats just who I am. I don't believe that anyone can call themselves "myspace famous" its just plain stupid. I'm quite obsessed with My Chemical Romance and its not a healthy obsession trust me xD I LOVE Paramore and the colour ginger Smile And to be quite honest my friends are pretty phitt. And will kick your ass back to Kentucky if you do anything to uspet me, but i'm sure that wont happen will it?

And Loving It Smile
Chesterfield UK <--- Craphole to be honest.
I Have Met : Her Him That Fit Bitch
And Him Smile
Did I Also Mention She Held My Hand?



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