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Alison Fenwick
Wif Gerard nd Mikey (NSW)

Member since April 1st, 2007


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Ok i luv MCR nd Gerard but i also just luv music. i like soccer, emo guys, and i wanna act or be in a band wen im either make it or find a band. Smile
Gerard Way is my hero nd idol because he has so much feeling in his songs nd because hes gone through so many things that i have nd r still going through. Im obsesst wif MCR but also 30 seconds to Mars, Fallout boy, The Used, Evanescence nd so many more its prob not healthy. i luv music so much nd i so wanna make music like MCR so if ur in a band nd need a singer than call me plz. im really just obsesst wif all music i listen to it at least 8 hours a day nd i couldnt live without it. Its my fav subject at school nd i just LUV MUSIC i cant help it! My ipods like my best friend nd i hav my stereo on like 24/7 nd if there wasnt music playing anywere i go i would go insane

Ok my fav MCR song is Helena coz its so cool nd coz its so sweet that gerard wrote it bout his grandma. i also luv cemetery drive nd im not okay (its true).

Also im a punk/emo/rock/goth girl but only at skool coz i would be killed at home so in my pic thats wen my fokes r around so dont get that image bout me in ur head.


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