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well hello there, i'm sanaria or <b>sani</b> doesnt matter what you call me ... i have boring <s>brown eyes</s>, i'm an eyeliner junkie i dont do anywhere without it... my hair is black and damaged i plan to keep it that colour for a while. i'm <u>thirteen</u> nov 10th 93'. i live in toronto, on. i like it here, it's fun. i've been through alot more than you think. i go to SHPS, and im going to BPCI. I'm taking art, and after im taking <b>photography</b>. i would like to be a photographer for the future but there are way too many photographers now, so im not sure what i want. i also like graphic design and hair styling. i'm still not sure what i want in life. i like attention, but it has to be good. i stare at things all the time, so don't mind me, i really don't mean to. i can hold a grudge, sometimes i won't forgive you depends on how much you hurt me and how many times you <s>fuck me over</s>. i have the most amazing friend anyone can ask for and her name is <b>rachel</b> she she's amazing, and there is no one like her, she completes me.
we never fight and i can open up to her anytime i want, because i know she'll understand. she's the most stylish and most unique person ever. i also have another amazing friend, <b>stephanie</b>. she's always there for me when i need her the most she knows something about me that no one knows. and i love her and trust her alot. i'm not a druggie, and i dont think it's right for people to do drugs. if you lie to me about anything i won't trust you, i'll always remember that one lie. i hate liars. i'm honest but no one knows everything about me, i avoid telling people stuff i don't feel comfortable talking about. music is a huge part of my life, if im happy or sad, crying or laughing, it just makes everything better, i listen to everything but country. i hate country although i love fiona apple. but she's not really country, she has her own little style. i love going to gigs / shows. it annoys me when people instantly think i listen to a certin music because of the clothes i wear. im addicted to energy drinks, mostly rockstar but i like tab and monster aswell, i drink a rockstar everyday, i cant live without it. <b>im vegetarian</b> and im very proud. i've been vegetarian for <u> 9 months </u> and i'm planning on being veg forever. i am in love with <b>fall out boy</b>, their my heros and their songs actually mean something, unlike most bands. i think thats all you need to know about me...


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