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Danielle Gaite
Quezon City, Philippines

Member since April 20th, 2007


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Occupation: band vocalist

Favorite Bands: SpongeCola, My Chemical Romance, Slapshock, Fallout Boy, Imago, Chicosci, Moonstar88

Favorite MCR Band Member: Frank Iero (Labxoo, Frankie! Mwah!!!)

Favorite MCR Songs: Helena, Famous Last Words, Blood, I Don't Love You, Sleep, Teenagers

Hobbies: surfing the Net, calling people on the telephone, laughing at MCR dissers, singing (especially rock songs and screamo), sleeping, imagining that my pillow is frank...daydreaming, reading, badminton, watching music videos

Favorite food: though I am a very voracious eater, it doesn't show...I love grilled squid, beef steak, fried tilapia, sushi, sashimi, tempura, chocolate cake, anything made out of chocolate, ripe mangoes, jackfruit, Skittles (especially the ones in the red package), Shanghai rolls and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches with the bread sometimes burned by me...(burn it and call it Cajun)

I'm just like all of you...I just want to support MCR and enjoy their music...

People call me a nerd at first sight pero they just need to talk to me to know my true colors (which is black, LOL!). I'm generally antisocial but it doesn't hurt for me to make friends at least once in a while. I have pearl earrings...unfortunately...the other one got lost in swimming class...I'll paint the remaining earring black and find a new one to replace the lost earring. I still have the earring lock, though. If ever I find it, I'll paint it black to match Frankie's. I have a knack for memorizing stuff and my talent is explaining rationally and sanely. I'm good at spying and keeping my stealth. I'm the worst complainant in the world because I don't even complain like a real complainer. I find shopping a chore...except when it comes to black stuff and metal accessories.

I hope I'm accepted here...



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