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Russell 3:16

Russell 3:16
Bun Man

Member since April 24th, 2007


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im bunman a superhero :lmao:

out of character:
im actually russell

my mates, well some of them lol

Conor = Greebo
he got beaten by a chav. hes funny and likes bacon. he likes ICP and is part of the IDP

Craig =
Very tall and has a big head he is my live commentary partner at castle high school action


this dudes on here as bigjay lives in dorset. he used to live on wrenna but moved as his bro got beaten by a gang


sam is at my school and is a syko IDP member he goes out with charlotte and he loves windy miller

Ringwraith aka dwayne:

my tag team partner and friend his school log in name is fosterd he is a wrestling fan like me

Becky: shes a american who lives in england shes an emo who loves mcr i mean she is obsessed

faye: she is my new friend and we have alot in common she is funny as well i love her to bits shes my girlfiend i love you In Love

paul: paul is me

tha alphabet

A = Apples

B = becky

C = cluedo

D = damn

E = eggs

F = family guy

G = goony

H = hasbro

I = idp

J = jam

K = kennedy

L = lunartastic

M = monkey midgets

N = nipple

O = orgy

P = paul

Q = quinton tarantino

R = Ringwraith

s = s.e.x

T = trunk

U = umaga

V = voodoo

W = waddup

X = xylophone

Y = ya mom

Z = Zapp

i am bunman Very Happy. i go 2 a crappy skwl called castle high, the only good thing is my mates and buns Very Happy Razz i cant be bothered 2 write anything Cool


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