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Cute Shoes!

Cute Shoes!

Member since May 4th, 2007


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I am very, very, very, very vain. I can never wait to tell my friends how AWESOME I look in my new dress, or how cute my new shoes look on me. I think I am absolutely fabulous, inside and out. I'd like to think that I am very charming and that no one hates me. For the record, no one does hate me yet, but I'm sure I'll gather a posse of haters soon, and I will eat their faces with a smile, heh heh heh...
A well thought out reason for why I joined this site:

My interest in My Chemical Romance sparked at the ripe old age of 13. I had been bored out of my god forsaken mind and decided to watch the tele-communicative device known as "cable TV." A bizarre funeral-like music video unfolded before my now curious eyes. It's title- "Helena." Its author- "My Chemical Romance." I watched the entire masterpiece, not understanding one word of what was being said over the dust sucking device known as "vacuum cleaner." However, the weird plot had my attention enough to visit youtube and watch it again without the vacuum interruption. Then tragically, about two weeks later, my infatuation with the new song faded, and my knowledge and interest in the band died. Then came a ray of hope. My dear companion known as "Brianna" guided me back to the path of MCR by suggesting a few other songs from the new album Welcome to the Black Parade a few months ago, and my interest came back a hundredfold. After the disappointment of the concert cancellation that we had so anxiously waited for on Wednesday, May 2, 2007, she directed my attention to this lovely little fansite know as "" and I joined.

Currently my favorite songs are:

House of Wolves
Our Lady of Sorrows
Ghost of You
The End.
Heaven Help Us
I'm sorry to say that I am absolutely sick of hearing Welcome to the Black Parade on the radio. Play something else stupid DJ's...


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