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Star Ashes

Star Ashes
In my bedroom.

Member since May 7th, 2007


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Twisted EvilCOME 'N 'AV A GO IF U 'FINK UR 'ARD ENUF!Disgust
Lollipops, also known as cavities on sticks
A friend will be there to bail you out of jail but a best friend will be sitting next to you saying "Damn we fu***d up!"

My famous last word's will be: "So, you're a cannibal"

DU -DU -Dubstep is my life. =D.

Georgina Homewood We all miss you. the amount of people that came to your memorial funeral and wake. just shows who your friends are. we all still think about you. i miss talking to you and im sure everyone does. we had fun on the way to belgium. you made a huge impact on everyone at school. i thankyou for the time i spent with you. Smile i love you georgie. R.I.P. xxxxxxxxxx


James: retarded smile, shiny hair, fire amusement and smoke tricks, not forgetting the adorable smile that about sums us up^. I'm honoured Very Happy yes you can prove i am very simple with your "pint of smoke" trick ;o

Me and briony discussing an apple.
Me: take a bite its really soft
Briony takes a bite
Briony: it is really soft
Me: Its like biting into a shoe

You have the right to your opinion yeah??? but i therefore have the right to think your stupid!! =]

this is the part where I tell a StOrY is it? well i guess..... Im Nay or nomi and I'm me and i don't care what u call me..... i get bullied at school by all the people that don't like the way i am , they throw things at me call me disgusting names but i carry on because if u think a load of freaks is guna stop me then they need to grow up.
*I'm really a boy called Henry but no one has to know......*
I get shit for my sexuality, people wont leave me alone, ppl call me everthing under the sun, people ask if i fancy them, stare at me in disgust but in my opinion they can fuck off. its not gunna change me, nothing is...! so fucking live with it.
<3 I go for guys and girls,
<3 my fave colour is black even tho its not a colour its a shade,
<3 fave food is smoked salmon,
<3 fave alcoholic drink cider,
<3 fave dessert ice cream,
<3 allergic to washing up liquid and pears and very allergic to pollen (any kind)
<3 i am really afraid of clowns and i dont like wasps or bees, afraid of being squished...
<3 I live in England
<3 I attend sixth form
<3 i have a cat called sophie and a imaginary friend called Harland.
<3 i get headaches easily
<3 i get sunburnt easily
<3 i have short hair. (red atm)
<3 i get paranoid easily In Love
<3 i love fire i love playing with it, i know i'm rlly stupid but i like it.....
<3 ART IS MY LIFE Mr. Green
erm i think thats it.... Dance
my old usernames were as follows lol!: XxKeepitblackxX, XBillytalentdudetteX and XMARILYNMANSONX X-BloodNemesis-X lolz! Dance Mr. Green

Smiley I had some water in a glass and it had been in the fridge for 2 days before which i had got it from the tap.
Me:"muuuuuum... smell this water"
Mum:"hmm yes that's gone off"
Me:"water can go off?" Swoon

We Have An Exhaust....... oops I mean coursework exam......... wuv u lucy ♥

go here, if you wanna see slow motion punch fest =D

this guy is a freaking hero, amazing man. my dream is to work with him ♥
Bloody saved me, stopped me running away and all Very Happy love you guys ♥Jonathan ♥Ben ♥Ian ♥Aaron
Image Bloody great solo Razz


-------/////////////----PUT THIS
-----------///----------ON YOUR
----------///----------HOME PAGE
----------------------Heath Ledger
He was an amazing actor.. RIP Heath xxx

TV showwwws:
The Mighty Boosh, ♣ Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Mock the Week, Green Wing, Spoons, Open All Hours, Family Guy, Summer Heights High, American Dad, Futurama, The Simpsons, Never Better.


♠ Most favourite film The Breakfast Club ^ right there! Razz love it so much, always will Very Happy Image
♥ Goonies ♥
♠ The Breakfst Club, Saw 1,2,3, 4 & 5, Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare before Christmas, Coraline, Corpse Bride, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sweeney Todd, etc, etc.
Image ♥ Dreamcatcher

fancy the pants off her Surprised

just got the sweetest message from one of my best friends Briony (Day of the Dead) she sed: hiya.....

i hope you're feeling better...
I know its hard but we can get though it.

My friends:
jeez man if there was one whole piece of paper that i could write on, all my life about how understanding, caring, amazing, beautiful, loving, crazy u are i would own it in minutes!!! love u sexy flood mole biatch!!!!!! *hugs* I also don't know what was wrong with that flamingo but it was hilariously funny to watch it run... and the ball eating springs :0 love you Smile I know u love me too cos ur the bestsest kewlest briony i know Surprised I will always love you and i want to say that you mean the world to me. You were there for me on that fateful day, where everything fell and crashed around me.... and i thank you so much for that. You keep me sane.

James: i.e. shepja:
retarded smile, shiny hair,fire amusement and smoke tricks, not forgetting the adorable smile that about sums us up. what jokes is us when we were trying the glass trick thing. Razz

U and I have had really bad times but we're kl now, u hold some of my deepest secrets and i count u as one of my best mates now, I know you will always be there even if it is like 1 in the morning Smile and you will know when i sound urgh... thankyou for being your kewl awsome self..... u have awsome hair and cool style, but i will always have better necklaces than u!! hehe, I WIN!!!!!!!

Beki: ♥
I put it in this colour because i know how much you like pink, cause of you room Razz. I Just wanna say i thankyou so much for being my sister. I know it been hard these past few years because of your epilepsy and because of my depressive stage. but as a result of us talking we got through it. And although most people say they hate their brother or sisters. I wouldn't say that because i don't, not for one second. You mean so much to me and i will always be here to care for you, like you have been for me. I love you even when you can be in a grumpy state and treat me like poo. but i love you. thankyou. ♥

You are my best friend, you are like the ultimate god of all best mates, we can do anything together be it serious or not, i miss you when i havn't seen you for a day... you make me laugh and we have our random jokes. I love you so much and I always will, you seem to have the right answer for everything. And i can help you that way too. We fit like jigsaw pieces. Right now you are sitting next to me feeding me snack a jacks =] haha i love you millions

Emily: my pea, thats all i need to say
Image Greatest author alive

Image ♥♥♥♥♥♥THE GOD OF ALL stimulation drinks! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Small, simple, safe price.
Rise the wake and carry me with all of my regrets.
This is not a small cut that scabs, and dries, and flakes, and heals.
And I am not afraid to die.
I'm not afraid to bleed, and fuck, and fight.
I want the pain of payment.
What's left, but a section of pigmy size cuts.
Much like a slew of a thousand unwanted fucks.
Would you be my little cut?
Would you be my thousand fucks?
And make mark leaving space for the guilt to be liquid.
To fill, and spill over, and under my thoughts.
My sad, sorry, selfish cry out to the cutter.
I'm cutting trying to picture your black broken heart.
Love is not like anything.
Especially a fucking knife.

-------/////////////----PUT THIS
-----------///----------ON YOUR
----------///----------HOME PAGE
----------------------Kurt Cobain


Rap sucks balls so put this in your profile:

R: Retards
A: Attempting
P: Poetry

CANCER: Most Amazing Kisser

Very high sex appeal. Great in bed!!! Love is one of a kind. Very romantic. Most caring person you will ever meet! Entirely creative. Extremely random and proud of it. Freak in bed. Spontaneous. Great tellin stories. Not a Fighter, But will Knock your lights out if it comes down to it. Someone you should hold on to.

lol bet that looks weird ^.^
I have a myspace:



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  • Day Of The Dead

    Haha thankies nomi!!

    I lovez yew!!
    x x x x x x x x x

    Day Of The Dead, July 5th, 2008 at 05:17:45pm

  • Brand New.


    Brand New., June 25th, 2008 at 05:06:37pm

  • Stand!I'mStillHere

    Hey! what's up?

    Stand!I'mStillHere, June 5th, 2008 at 05:04:23pm

  • XxDead DivaxX

    Hi, I'm going good thanks.
    I'm Jen and I seriously love your profile. ^-^

    XxDead DivaxX, June 1st, 2008 at 11:58:52am

  • x-I'm Not Okay-x

    hii :]

    x-I'm Not Okay-x, May 29th, 2008 at 09:38:05am

  • x-nick-x


    x-nick-x, May 28th, 2008 at 10:04:42am

  • PollyPocket

    hmmmm, well then maybe you should get some sleep (?)

    PollyPocket, May 27th, 2008 at 07:18:36am

  • PollyPocket

    yeah i'm good thanks

    PollyPocket, May 25th, 2008 at 05:43:00pm

  • PollyPocket


    PollyPocket, May 20th, 2008 at 04:57:21pm

  • bjork's assistant.

    thank you =]

    bjork's assistant., May 18th, 2008 at 12:41:48pm

  • wild like children.

    Technically, it wasn't my comment virginity.
    I hate having comments on my page for too long,
    so I erase each one after I read it. Lulz.
    And I'm fine, how are you? :)

    wild like children., May 16th, 2008 at 04:27:40pm

  • lacey;;

    good good heh
    just trying to sleep and sleep more
    school's almost coming [here]

    and u? :D

    lacey;;, May 15th, 2008 at 08:35:26pm

  • ellen page.

    yeaaah. winter pwns :]]
    wassup bb? how was your day?

    ellen page., May 14th, 2008 at 03:41:07pm

  • x_DeathOnLegs_x


    x_DeathOnLegs_x, May 11th, 2008 at 12:04:07pm

  • Jimmy Jazz

    mm. yeah i'm finnish. :o

    Jimmy Jazz, May 11th, 2008 at 10:40:24am

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