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Well hello thereByeMy name's Stacey. Pleasure that you're reading this.

***I take it that you wanna know more about me, eh? Well there's not much to it. I'm pretty much boring and probably shy at first, but once you get to know me, well, you'll find that I'm a completely different person that what you thought was. That's sometimes good, and sometimes bad.

***I'm normally a nice person but if you talk shit/do shit to me then you're probably going to be treated the same way. golden rule

***I'm only human, so yeah, sometimes I make mistakes and say things I don't mean, but who says I'm perfect?

Saturday, November 25, 2006
I got arrested Sad

ok. so. I had to post about this. because it is funny. The first time we ever play DC. we had no clue about the 'if you get too close to the pentagon with your trailer you will be executed publicly by high-noon hanging...rule' you def could have been worse if they knew we had an ounce in the van. fortunately...I, Lucien, recieved the jail time for driving on a suspended license. yes yes. we were three miles away from the club and they hand-cuffed me and took me in. I had to pee very badly. I wiggled and squirmed until they let me go to the B-room. I went to tinkle and the cop was like.....looking at me....and I mean......looooooking at me....I got stage fright. It freaked me out. they took be back and I squirmed more. I was so hungry. for hours they had me cuffed. ittttt suuuuucccccckkkkkeeeeddd. but hey I will never forget DC.

***There are those things in my life that I wish I could rewind time and fix. But of course life doesn't work that way so I just gotta learn from my mistakes. I don't hate anyone. But there are some people that I do not like. And I repeat once again, I don't hate anyone. hate is a strong word and I don't like it when people say it unless they truly mean it.

***This past year has gone by so fast that I don't even know where to begin. One thing leads to another, and I guess you just forget why you were friends with someone in the first place. Things happen and you start to think about the bad side of a person instead of the good. That's what happened to me. I know now not to make that mistake again. Even though I already made it two times. And the more you don't talk to someone, the easier it is to ignore them. And now that I look at it, I don't even know why I was angry at them at the first place.

Dark and difficult times lie ahead,
Soon we must all face the choice
between what is right and what is easy.
But you should remember this,
you have friends,
you are not alone.

-Harry Potter

***There are those people that deal with you no matter how out of it you are. And Those are the real friends. There's a huge leap, from 8th grade to high school. It sucks because that's when you realize [who matters], who never did, and who always will.

***So yeah, definitely music Walkman is my life. It makes me me. It sorts out my words and feelings that are scrambled endlessly in my mind. It's another world I can escape to. And it's the connection between the listener and writer.

***There are these bands, The Summer Obsession Smiley (which i know some of you have probably heard of) and

They're amazing. And I'm not just talking about their music, I'm talking about them in general. They have the most entertaining, wild, funny, crazy, && nice personalities that I can think of. They love connecting with their fans && they always do whenever they can.

***I love COKESmiley The soda that is. I love it soooo much and I got addicted to it because .. actually I don't remember why. But yeah.. I love it. even though I did a science project last year on why it's BAD for you (and got 2nd place), I still drink it. heh

***My idol is definitely Hail Chris Wilson. He can always make you laugh but he has another side of him that's really intelligent that I look up to.

***I rely on technology soo much. I don't think I could ever live without the internet. Or my computer or tv or my Ipod.. or anything

12/01/06- after waiting 8 months, i finally saw my favorite band live. seriously the best day of my life. i was able to talk and hang with the members and it was amazing. i couldn't believe that i went, but i know i did because it hurt everytime i pinched myself lol. but seriously, when they were playing it was so much fun. i knew every word they sang and they were just amazing. i had a great view of them too which is great considering im so short. i got fed Pop Rocks by the bassist, Christ. and i they're just amazing. seriously listen to them or go to one of their shows. they're amazing live. wow. who are they? The Summer Obsession. seriously the best guys ever. it's not everyday that you get to meet your favorite band. but being able to connect with them, both musically and physically is the best feeling ever.



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